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Re: there's nothing here

Posted by alexandra_k on May 31, 2019, at 22:11:42

In reply to Re: there's nothing here, posted by alexandra_k on May 31, 2019, at 22:05:41

so england has this thing about how 'if you are going to select on grounds of equity' (as opposed to GPA one can only suppose they mean) then at least pick the ones who won't bring disrepute to the profession...

speaking out about that which is disreputable is -- bringing disrepute? i wonder if that is what they mean to say...


i would think that it would be disreputable to NOT speak out about that which is disreputable. because it is allowing the disreputable to persist.. to take over.. and (of course) it's not sustainable...

clean up the profession and that will bring less disrepute.

don't accept disreputable people.

don't register disreputable people.

de-register disreputable people.

i guess none of this matters or counts for anything at all in a land where people don't even ask to see the qualifications / registration credentials of someone who presents as doctor (but who likely never trained as one).

it's funny how the philosophy people don't ask questions when it comes to their own healthcaer or the healthcare of the people they love.

it's funny how they don't even try and do research -- when they are researchers -- right?

or just writing down what was on the powerpoint in the essay... just marking off (as obviously correct) the work of the students who do no more nor less than spout back their powerpoints in their essays...

i think the lecturers write their students research instead of their own. the examiner seems to want to write my thesis for me... i think he would likely be less over-involved if he was productive in his own work...

but then he wouldn't have earned 6 months more fees for the university.

i can't believe people choose to have children. some people really seem to like it here. or... they have children for what the children can do fro them.

the government has put out a bounty on disabled childrens heads. wants to grow that population. foetal alcohol syndrome / effects ftw!!!!





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