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Re: Brain damage from a family meeting?

Posted by alexandra_k on September 14, 2018, at 19:48:01

In reply to Re: Brain damage from a family meeting?, posted by Lamdage22 on September 14, 2018, at 9:03:04

aw, Lamdage. you a good person. it seems to me. you are always kind to others on these boards, from everything I've seen.

it sounds like a really hard weekend. step-parents can be hard, too. or parents girlfriends. my Father used to blow a bit hot then cold with me depending on his girlfriend at the time. not that he had heaps, but he had a few until marrying the next one. one was really great to me (hence wonderful birthday, i think that was probably it) but the next one... the one he ended up marrying was... cold. stern. not a warm women, i don't think. but sensible. good head on her shoulders. the previous (lovely) one was into crystals and this weird body healing laying of hands... i don't know... he played along for a while, but i think that got to be a bit much. next one wasn't awful to me... just... awkward. and came in with a pre-existing anxiety about my not accepting her and i was... i was just a kid. i didn't have enough... whatever... for the both of us... not after my mother...

a lot of people find family time the most stressful because of all the expectation. like around everything having to be perfect for christmas or thanksgiving or whatever. it is... easier... to opt out in a sense. only that's never entirely satisfactory, either, because then it's a day of... grieving. i guess. because society will not let you opt out.

if you really can't / don't want to do it... maybe something else nice, instead? you have been saying about conflict with him recently...

but i thought a little further back it sounded like you did feel he had your back in (at least trying) to help... create... a good living space for you, maybe with some people who are enjoyable company for you? I don't know.

((((Lamdage))) <-- good vibes to you.

> I just think that i have suffered some kind of irreversible damage to my brain. I was doing so well before the weekend




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