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Re: gangrenous foot

Posted by alexandra_k on September 2, 2017, at 21:17:53

In reply to Re: gangrenous foot alexandra_k, posted by baseball55 on September 2, 2017, at 18:01:40

Okay. I have never done any courses in the economics department, at all. I am sure you are a good teacher :-)

I was thinking about this honest living thing...

Maybe that is a luxury that is supposed to be afforded to the rich. A perk of being rich, or something like that.

If you sell your soul / the souls of the people around you and accumulate enough wealth me-wards... You have the opportunity (that many people then squander / don't figure out) to offer a better life for your kid/s. To really make sure they are only around people who are kind to them and who don't bully them and so on...

Then they might grow up with love in their hearts for humanity (operating under the assumption everyone is good and loving and kind) and go on to... Work hard out of the goodness of their hearts...

Like how Carter chose to study medicine and become a doctor and volunteer in africa and then come home and help manage the family wealth (charity for the tax breaks) and build a new wing on the hospital...


I don't like living like this. Some bitch told me it was only supposed to be temporary. I didn't think at the time: I'm on disability, lady. That's supposed to be a life sentence. I'm supposed to go on about how lucky I am that I get more than most students do. My lot was never supposed to be temporary.

The bail outs are coming on insulating (too little too late) those 5 or 6 bedroom homes (that have been sold to people who chose to have 12 or 13). Because it's cheaper than dealing with their repeated E.R appearances as the kids airways and immune system and heart valves get all wrecked by the mould spores and marjuana smoke and it's pretty sad already since the mother often drank and smoked through pregnancies...

My Father... I'm his only child. But he smoked himself to death and my step-mother... Well... I know from experience that she doesn't think I should get hand-outs but she has demonstrated generosity when it comes to her own kids. So... He really didn't seem to look out for his own interests at all... Or... He never came to the party when it came to my interests, at all... Maybe a little before he met her, but, whatever. I don't really know his deal, at all... Point is that she has the house now. And she will likely lose everything she has got in exchange for a place in a retirement institution. Which they will sell her as this lovely home... In order to seize her assets. Likely the same thing will happen to my Mother...

It's all institutions over here. The housing that approximates WHO standards on habitability. Either people own their own homes AND investment property or they have nothing at all... It's all institutions over here. I guess we are the most experimented on English Speaking nation in the developed world. Since we are last place in that and all... Gotta train the newbies and send the psychopaths somewhere...

I didn't ask to be born.

I am tired of living like this.

I don't want to move up the hill next year. It's a bunch of things that are unimportant to me 'wow I made it in life! I have a corner of a castle!' I have to share a bathroom with how many others? A laundry with how many others? How many processed mystery meals will I be fed? Do you wash the poison spray of the bitter herb salad you pull out of the plastic containers, at all, or... Let me guess... 'It's only temporary'. The 'beyond security' swipe card doors that will all open when the battery is removed...

Otherwise it's no security latches on windows. TV blaring from the person next door. Couple working their way up to murder suicide down the hall... Rooms in boarding houses where 5 students all end up sharing a double room and cluttering their filth everywhere (tragedy of commons).

This is supposed to be incentive structure on getting people to work? I just don't buy that. I have lived nicer places and it's so much easier to work when you live in a nicer environment. So who profits, really?

It's the same board. Church board. For the tax breaks. Charity. Not even a farmer co-op or much local produce...

I hate it here.




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