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Re: One tiny good thing...

Posted by alexandra_k on November 11, 2016, at 23:18:50

In reply to One tiny good thing..., posted by Dinah on November 11, 2016, at 11:32:06

My Mother surprised me. She said she liked him. Because she saw him on 'The Apprentice'. And he was a business man. And if he could be successful with money himself then she could see why people would want to vote for him. Because they'd think he'd help the countries economy.

Not that I like him, of course. I find him... Repugnant. What I saw of the election... And some of the things he was saying about women and people of different races etc...

We had this thing on the news... Just after. A brief message from our youngest politician ever... Or something. A facebook campaign. After lots of people seemed to like it the green party wants them. Only... It looked like a computer simulated person, to me. Air brushed. To appeal to our youngest demographic. Saying nothing of any consequence. Peaceful... Minimilist... Hypnotic... I think one really might be able to pull something like that off, here.

It wouldn't surprise me.

What is the difference, really? With all the government advisors and the like... I mean... In a way probably best not to see it that way... Our votes have to make a difference. The different candidates need to be distinct alternatives or options (or it would be a tyranny, or something).

I don't know...

I really didn't think it would turn out this way, but I do wonder what the difference would be.

I heard someone say something in a seminar... About how the whole universal health insurance thing isn't really working... Because the problem is that there isn't enough providers to give health care to everyone. So there always needs to be something sorting between those who get and those who don't. I mean... Whether it be that some have health insurance or some don't. Or whether it be that the public system says 'there's nothing we can do' to some and helps others... Or whether everybody is insured but certain providers will only accept certain kinds of insurance... Or whether everybody has insurance but some people hear 'sure, we can help' while others hear 'there's nothing we can do'. There always is a sorting thing... Not everybody gets... It really is so very hard to directly compare... Anything, really...

The simulated politician scared me, rather. I don't know if you guys knew at all about the thing that happened here... He probably would have got it if he wasn't so... Repugnant. Have an avatar and do the whole election campaign online... Sure.

I do feel sad and scared about the world, sometimes.

Civilisation... Is so very much more fragile than I supposed.




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