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Re: getting away from that computer screen

Posted by rjlockhart37 on November 5, 2013, at 21:55:01

In reply to Re: getting away from that computer screen, posted by alexandra_k on October 15, 2013, at 2:51:52

make a statement inside:
1) I am going to live until i am old

2) No one is going to destroy me

3) I will not destroy myself

4) I will move on, and learn new things on the way...

5) I will make my own pleasure, and break my old mentality of feeling nothing but pain or depression

6) will make myself valuable

7( write a journal or post things on the net of the pain, and let other people hear it, and learn to get rid of negative things....

8) get a group of people together that understand the pain, and make goals, and support and love, or someone who understands and will have unconditional love

9) think smart of the whole picture...of the pain, life, and what is causing it, and plan long term effects of it, and things you can do to change it

10) always have love inside, warmness, people run away from people who are mean and cold, you have to let love inside....bitterness can cause deteriation in personality usally to hateful things.

11) look at yourself in the mirror and say this is who i am, and i know you and understand your pain, i will do anything for you because you are me.
12) channel with other people of their diffrent pain, or feelings assoicated with hopelessness....and learn how its similar to yours....maybe phone call them, message, do a daily contact with how your feeling and how to both help eachother

13) this is not a good suggestion, but i smoke nicotine, and yes it does create mild pleasure and comfort....and it does help with depression with there are smokeless ciggerettes that do not cause cancer...the vapor nicotine....when you have time alone and you feel awful, try puffing on the vapor ciggerette, its the nicotine that will help depression.....

14) look through pictures of the past, open up a picture book of your past, and enjoy looking at it, and then make a picture book of the future of yourself

15) spirituality does help with depression because of the belief that is assoicated with it in God, or many other things, its faith healing....beliving in something long enough will show results, just stay on the thought until the brain acts on it.
16) push away negative memories, and deal with them only in a contructive way to rid the pain that is current

19)music to channel new emotion and then act on that new tune....

20)avoid people that make fun of pain, and who you are....

not a scholar but understand distress
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