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getting away from that computer screen

Posted by rjlockhart37 on October 15, 2013, at 0:28:27

doing a late blog, but its more to encourage people, and know that there is potential to get away from the computer screen....about 25 years ago it was the tv, and i admit i stay behind the screen and stare at lives i always wanted to have, i have class 6 hours 3 days a week...and im slowly progressing into advanced courses....but in the idletime sit and look at myself, being 26, and then see others already in phase 3 of this is what im going to do for viewers, aknowedge that staying behind a computer screen is the comfort zone, i've done it for a long time, and i don't do it all the time, i do go out and hang with friends, but this facebook, google makes the internet such an obsession during off comfort time....the reason the internet is a main theme today, it has tons of information, both social media, research purposes, blogs writing, and shopping and everything else.....its like TV, and its much better than tv because you can learn what you want with google....or other search engines....and it is a vary good thing to do, but with me, i use it for my free time to figure and stay in comparison with myself to better things. So i have had it, the net is great, no doubt, but to hide into it, is a problem. There are times im afraid to leave the house because im scared something bad will happen, i'll do something stupid, i have to wear social masks, charismatic face, and it can last but i realize when i get home i don't want to be around people, at that first says introvert with a extrovert mask, and really from what i've learned is there's introversts and extroversts.

But to get out into the world, going places, the comfort zone has to be breached, venturing out, it may not feel good, but get enough energy to force youself to venture out, research the internet for any group to join, there is a website called, if you want that, thats the link........

but staying in the same pain, its a self defeating behavior, dwelling on the problem, and not looking to more, venturing out is the best term i can use to get off the computer screen and being glued to it, coming home just like 25 years ago when tv was the only thing to sit and watch for stimulation of the mind, its easy, you can sit down relax and enjoy the shows, and there's nothing wrong with it but sometimes i think it becomes a problem with realizing the other things that are there....meeting people, parties, work, or just doing something that is out of the comfort zone......thats what i do, the laptop is the access to shows and research....but getting away from it, and forcing into new things, venturing out yes....

really to break the computer screen glue syndrome is to realize that the stimulation you get from it will fade, and actually make it fade, to learn other things, opening the reward center to venture to new things....that picture of eating tv dinner in frount of tv for hours is what im talking about....break the cycle....learn something new, the people that created television knew how they could change the world, and they did, so find something that can change the everyday cycle of will really help you much....ill try to get some more ideas im burned out, writing before i go to bed.....

venture out friend...


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