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Posted by Phil on October 23, 2013, at 18:53:56

I've been depressed for 90 days
I don't eat, walking in a haze
Don't need a shower, sleep on the floor
Trash piling up what's it all for

But when I woke up this morning
Goddamn I feel so good
Didn't wake the wife up
Sped out of the neighborhood

I'm thinking California, never been there
I've got $20,000 and I don't have a care
Look at that sunrise, just a big orange ball
Man this is fun, I love it in the fall

25, 45, 75, 95
Speeding maybe baby I don't know
Hey there's a hitcher, pretty cute from here
Picked her up her name was..I don't know

Stopped at the store and bought some beer
Cigarettes and some Gummy Bears
Got some gas this is taking too long
I floored it baby I don't know laughed

25, 45, 75, 95
Stopped the pills, about a month ago
I don't know has a special trick
I skidded sideways in the bar ditch

How old are you darlin'
She said 16. hey you want to get in
The back seat, there's lots of
Whoa lawdy me

25, 45, 75, 95
Wish I had more Amphetamine
Just for I don't know and me
We whipped into Dallas DFW

Two for LA she's my daughter HAHA!!
I don't know have you been to LA
No I ain't never been out of Texas
Me neither so this should be fun

Wow that looks like a 747
Wish we could ride on the outside
Not sure about you
But exciting flight would have new meaning

I love flying I guess it's my thing
I wanted to be a pilot but they said I's insane
What's that got to do with anything
I don't know let's go to the bathroom

25, 45, 75, 95
Where's she get her---knowledge
I love flying I beat on the walls
The flight attendant was beating on the door
What do you want to break this up for

We landed in LA there were Marshall's there
They said you're in a world of sh*t
I said I'm a pastor I don't know is my flock
He slammed the door and I heard the lock


We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
Albert Einstein




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