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Can someone(s) lend me an ear, please..:-(

Posted by Jay_Bravest_Face on July 2, 2010, at 11:51:45

Hey folks:

(Warning, long....)

I feel like I am in a crash and burn situation. They say, "that's the price"...but I am starting to believe Love is a Curse. I went through a couple of romantic relationships over the past few months. I think I posted about the second-last one somewhere on here.

It is this last one, a real sting. I guess 40 year old guys shouldn't be dating 21 year old women, no matter what they say. Even more sadly, is this event unfolded in a Strip Club. I'd known her..we will call her "A", for about a year, from visiting the club. She is a 'shooter-girl', working while going to teacher's college. And yes she was my type...blonde...big-middle size boobs...petite enough for her to jump up on me and wrap her arms and legs 360 degrees right around me. She had something for me, and I was starting to fall for her. This was over close to two months. Also...her and most of the strippers guessed my age to be 27...and of course I am So, that was a bit of an ego boost. "A" also sent me some erotic pictures of herself to me by email.

But then, she wanted to go have a "lap dance" (private in Ontario you can have full body contact *above* the waistline.) So, she picks a friend who is a dancer, and arranges for three of us to go back. Everything is fun and fine and sexy and all. "A" and I sat on the love seat while the dancer moved back and fourth between us. The dancer was only about 20 as well, so you could imagine my

So...then we get to the end. I say like "I...can't afford anymore." And the stripper goes "You owe me 560 dollars". I am like "WHAT!!" How? She said that because there where two people on the couch that doubled the price. Well, nobody sure as hell ever told me! I walked to the ATM and thought about it some more, and felt like I was conned into this. Most GOOD respectable dancers will call *ever* song, tell you how much, and ask if you want to go on. Not in this case, though.

So, the club was closing, and I knew I would give her the regular money for my dance, because that was the only protocol I knew. I am ready to leave, and the dancer is standing at the door, "where is my money..I gotta pay rent..blah blah blah." I give her 300, that was exactly what she was entitled too...and in fact was maybe even more. Well, she turned into a little baby, and then "A" followed through calling me nasty names and all this. They said they where going to get the bouncer, but by then I was in my car, and outta there.

First thing, I text'd "A" and called her a two-faced, turn-coat traitor. Then the battle just got ugly as you can imagine. Needless to say I don't go to that place anymore.

But, when I lost what I thought was not only a beautiful friendship, heading into a romance that may have been permanent (first time since I lost Katie in 97)...I've just been crying so hard. That money, that really has nothing to do with her, seems to have meant more to her than I did. That was a bit of a cut. She keeps texting me "Just come back and pay the money, and we can get back together again." First won't ever happen, so I guess second won't either.

Thanks for listening....




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