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i'd love to bmail you!!!!

Posted by karen_kay on January 3, 2007, at 11:32:13

In reply to Re: a little late.. but that's kinda the way it is karen_kay, posted by GGGabbi on January 2, 2007, at 13:21:53

watch for it.

how do you always have the right words to say to make me feel great? (and could you give a little lesson to mr kk? he's pretty close, but you still know exactly it!)

(and i've never felt so good being called a trollop! somehow when you say it, it seems like just what i want to be. miss gabbi, (oh, i';m sure you've heard this before) but will you marry me? and i'll explain everything to mr gabbi!)

about teaching 'a lady doesn't do this'. the only thing i teach the girls, with respect to 'a lady doesn't do this' is not to talk with food in your mouth (goodness, someone needsd to teach this, as my sister will talk and have food flying otu of her mouth. poor girls would be heathens without aunt kk), making sure panties are covered up when wearing a dress (or pajamas). one day, my niece (with thye gorgeous brown eyes and lashes to die for. seriously, i'll send a pic of her sometime. she's drop-dead gorgeous) said 'aunt kk, this is how a lady walks' adn she walked like her impression of a super model. and it was sooooo cute! i'm hoping that some of my manners (gulp) will rub off on them. i also taught her how to bend down and pick up her pencil when wearing a shorter skirt (hey, it's soooo cute when she wears shorter skirts because she has the cutest little knobby knees!!). so, i don't teach them that 'to be a lady you have to.....' insted, i'm attempting to teach them manners and posture.

my sister and i had a discussion (becuase quite frankly, i was concerned) about them seeing things they shouldn't or wouldn't quite understand. and i read those mags like cosmo. they're in the bathroom at tiems and babs (my sister) assured me that it's nothing they don't see in line at the grocery store. but, i did tell hher that if she felt i was teaching them things they shouldn't be learning (about being pretty with makeup, ect. basically 'adult' things). she said i'm doing great. and i jsut LOVE having little girls to make beautiful. to help them do their hair. all the things i can't really do with my duckie. but, they really appreciate wearing chapstick and lip gloss. and they love havign their hair curled and put up pretty-like. i'm so glad to have little girl giggles around.

and (i'll call her brown eyes) brown eyes once told me aobut a silly dream she had about mr kk. that they got married. and she said she looked beautiful in the dream. she said i could tell mr kk but not when she was around (she seemed embarrassed). but, she was excited about dreaming about being dressed up and grown up. i'm excited too! i've already warned mr kk (i told him, when he married me, he also married my sister and her beautiful girls. i doubt he minds too much. they are all very beautiful and very special!) about how he's going to be (very soon even) kicking little boy butts when she starts dating (and i jsut have a feeling they'll be lining up for her!). he's pretty excited about that. you know (i'm chatty today, eh?), when i announced i was getting married and my brother-in-law met him, he took him aside and started cleaning his nails with a knife saying 'so, i guess you want to marry my sister. it was so funny. i can see the same thing when brown eyes starts dating.

about mr gabbi: he's a very lucky man (boy, whatever. is he even old enough to drive?)and that must have been a very hard decision to make. that's why we moved here, back to my hometown area. no work available where we lived. and what little work was available, barely paid min. wage. i guess that's what love is about, sacrifice. and i'm sure it must be so hard to be so far away from eachother. that stinks miss gabbi. but, hang in there. things will come together, maybe even this year! wouldn't that be grand? if only good (great, supergreat) things happen this year. i have a feeling this year will be a very good one for you miss gabbi. and i'm so glad to hear that you and mr gabbi are so in love, even if that means doing what's best rather than what you want.

i'll git to emailing you. but, you better answer me. every single day in fact!

love you gabs (tell mr gabs i miss him too!)
and take care of your beautiful, wonderful, sexy self! (brat!)

loves and kisses!

(oh, and my boy is giving kisses now. but only to his aunt babs (see, he's a brat! he'll even give daddy kisses, but none for mom! i'll say it again, he's a brat! and it's sooo cute. he grabs your face and pulls you close and opens his mouth real wide and gives the best kisses ever! i never would have thought motherhood would be like this! gosh, i never really thought i could be this happy either!)




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