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Re: a little late.. but that's kinda the way it is karen_kay

Posted by GGGabbi on January 2, 2007, at 13:21:53

In reply to Re: a little late.. but that's kinda the way it is Gabbi~G~, posted by karen_kay on December 29, 2006, at 10:51:41

> of course you love me :)
> gabbi, have i ever told you that you're my kind of gal?

Of course I am you little trollop, who isn't?

> about feminism...... is there something 'wrong' with wanting to look your best anyway? it's not like i'm getting all dolled up for a man (well, my husband sometimes, but that's besides the point. oh, adn just in case mr bob's at the grocery too, but that never works out really.) adn do ugly shoes have to go hand in hand with feminism? WHY?

I know, I think if you feel you "have" to look your best at all times no matter what, then it's a problem, or if you were teaching your niece "A lady doesn't do this, or do that, or ever have messy hair" then yeah, I think that's not a great thing, but dressing up is fun.

> about 'that' aunt...... i do odd things to pictures. i have one of my sister's wedding, and i took the head of that kid from the new stars wars (gosh, he's cute for a boy) and pasted it over my boyfriend at the time's body. i showed the girls and lifted the pasted head up, asking 'which looks more beautiful, the fake head or my ex's and they pointed to my picture and said 'that one's the most beautiful'. >


ok, have to cut this one short (i've got a gorgeous boy in there saying da da da da da and i'm trying to teach him to say mom mom mom instead!!)
> thanks gabs. it brightened my day to hear from you.

KK if I said how I felt about you you'd think it was superficial flattery, but I will anyway, I watch you interact with people and how you handle situations, and you never cease to amaze me with your wit, and caring, and you still manage to be
a sexy little brat.

hope you and your handsome (oh, i know he's handsome.... remeber, i probably dated him before you did!)

*snort* you could have, he's a lot younger than I am.

He *is* handsome, very handsome, we had a rough time regarding Canada/US work visas and stuff,
He ended up going back to the U.S. Well I kind of encouraged him. I'd never loved anybody so much that I thought "this is too rough on him"

He was trying to be so perfect and wanted everything just "so" for me, and he couldn't get work we didn't know where to turn, I was starting to get depressed though I fought it like crazy.. and that broke his heart because he thought it was him.. and on and on..

So I said "you have to go, you really do" and it was anguishing.
But we're seeing each other in February, I don't know, I've never loved anyone so much that it actually frightens me, and sometimes I think the safety of being single is a little more what I can candle

husband are doing well. and if you're thinking of children, you can borrow my duckie for a day or two. but, remember, he's created from perfection, so he's gonna be way better than any other baby (sorry parents reading, but it's true. and yes, he'll be completely in love with himself, just like his momma) ever. take care sweetie.

You too KK

I don't post much anymore but you know where I am if you'd like to babblemail me.




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