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I'm sad and kind of stressed

Posted by TexasChic on February 27, 2006, at 20:42:28

Have I ever mentioned that my family is insane?

Not long after my Grandmother passed away, I had a conversation with my Mom about what she was going to do in the future. Grandmother left her the house, but its pretty rundown and more trouble than its worth. I told her I thought she should sell the house and use the money for her retirement (which she doesn't really have much of).

Well, one week after what I thought was a casual conversation, she had a buyer and told us it was sold. All of us have years worth of crap stored in the attic, so we were kind of freaked out. After going around and around with her (my Mom is what I think is ADD and is difficult to understand sometimes) I finally figured out it wasn't actually sold. I asked her to at least let us know before she signed anything. She said of course.

About a week later she told me she had sold the house (for real this time). I tried to get it out of her when we had to be out, only to get that the guy vaguely told her she can take as much time as she wants.

My brother has been living there since he and his wife broke up. He's bi-polar, and trying to find himself. It seems as if he's going through a mid-life crisis. I know it's time for him to take responsibility for himself, but suddenly being without a home was something he wasn't prepared for.

So a week or so later the buyer guy stops by unnanounced with an electrition and went upstairs where my brother lives. My brother works at a CD store and he and his co-workers have gotten into the habit of leaving sticky notes to each other with random things written on them, the weirder the better. He has been collecting them and putting them on his bedroom wall. The guy saw this along with his cluttered living area (yes, just like me) and apparently got scared or something. He asked my mom if she thought my brother would do anything to the house! He then told them they needed to be out of the house in 3 days.

So, here we are trying to get everything out of the house by Wendesday. I went over there after work today and went through all of my boxes my brother had graciously brought downstairs for me. My Mom is like, can we take your car and go out to eat? I'm like, Mom, I have to get up at 4AM tommorow, I'm doing what I can and going home. I hate that I felt a little guilty about saying this. I had to reminded myself that no matter what kind of mess my Mom may have gotten into, I DO have the right to take care of myself and prepare for work tommorrow.

In addition to all this, I'm dealing with the fact that this is the only home I've ever had and now I have to say goodbye. Plus, its saying goodbye to Grandmother which I've had a really hard time doing. I just can't imagine not having that touchstone anymore.

Anyway, I haven't told anyone IRL about this, but I figured I could share it here.

I'm tired and I don't even know if I'm making sense anymore.





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