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Re: Hey trucker

Posted by trucker on May 26, 2004, at 8:48:01

In reply to Re: Hey trucker trucker, posted by LynneDa on May 25, 2004, at 11:00:50

yes i felt yucky for several weeks.. the way you loose weight is it wakes you up early in the am. you need less sleep and it makes ya burn more calories so you loose weight cause you are up longer. if ya want to loose weight drink grapefruit juice, curbs your appitight.. the white stuff



> Trucker -
> I've been away from the computer for a while and am just getting caught up. What a great idea - to tape positive thoughts and listen to them all night. You are one wise woman! Thanks for the tip, I'm sure we all could use it :-). You are also completely right about not being able to do this alone. Why is it we need to have something really bad happen to us before we realize that - wake up call!
> How are you doing? Did you have any side effects when you started wellbutrin? Does it help with weight gain or the voracious appetite I seem to have on Lex? I've gained 25 lbs. on Lex, just since January, and I've always been too thin so I know it's the Lex and not just turning 40 (at least I sort of hope that's all it is .... !)
> ~ Lynne
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> one day at a time.... tell your self each night when ya go to bed tomorrow is gonna be a wonderful day... positive attitude helps tremendously...yex i am on lex and welbutrin. 20 mg lex 150 mg of wel...pray level with GOD and tell him ya need his help... my down fall was i thought i could do everything with out anyones help.. and in actualality we can't do a thing with out the LORD our GOD. so in order to receive we must ask.. knock and the doors will be opened for you!!!that is how i have made it thru the life i have. we have to reprogram our brains to be happy.. positive! happy! i was once in such a bad way that i finally desided to expeiment with my subconcious mind. i made a tape speaking softly to me saying all positive things... i am happy, life is beautiful, i love me, people good, etc... and i played it as i slept... on one of those tape players that keep flipping them selves over and over all night while i slept. it gave me a positive attitude and you can tell your sub that you are happy and it will reprogram you. if ya don't believe me think back to school days, when people made fun of ya or called ya names, it did something to you deep inside didn't it??? this is a way to reverse all the negative and bad things that have made you feel less.. do you understand?? sometimes i don't explane things real well..
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> > trucker
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> > > Hey Trucker ...what are you on right now...didnt think you were on the lex...I'm just trying to ride it out...but this is rediculous how do you get to the place that you have to do you get happy again!!!...I should be happy!!!...Thanks mystic
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