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re: Hi L.J. and Hello, Yesac !!

Posted by lil' jimi on August 27, 2003, at 15:51:11

In reply to Hi L.J. lil' jimi, posted by yesac on August 27, 2003, at 15:20:32

hi Yesac!

> It's been a little while since I've posted or really even been on the board, but I just wanted to say hi! How are you doing? I noticed that you really don't seem to have posted on social, but on the med board you did so I know you're around!! >

i'm pretty weak for that lex thread over in med-land there alright ... ... i'm part of the lexapro cult ... AGH !! ... .... HA!

> I'm doing okay. Feeling a little more motivated to try to get involved in things and make my life more interesting.
> I did, however, get into this little accident last week, the day after I finally got my AC fully fixed in my car. I rear-ended this woman as we were pulling out of a parking lot. I thought she had already gone, and I was looking to the left to see if there were cars coming or I could pull out. No one was hurt, but the whole thing really sucked, and now I have some pretty significant damage to my car. It runs fine, except the front light is out, but according to the insurance guy I'll need to get the fender, the hood, and a few other things replaced. Which will take probably 4 days. Luckily, my insurance is covering most of the cost (which the estimate came to a lot more than I was expecting). Still. I've calmed down about the whole issue more as time has gone on, but I'm very worried about what is going to happen to my insurance rates. I've never been at fault in any accident before (or even in any accident for that matter). I hope my premium doesn't go up too much. >

... but at least you weren't injured ... ?

> Well, that's about all I can think of to say right now. I feel slightly spaced out today, I think because I couldn't fall asleep last night until really late (or early, I guess I should say), and I ended up taking extra trazodone which is probably causing this zoned-out-ness that I'm experiencing today. >

i feel that way, except it's from staying up past my bedtime ...

> Hope you're still doing okay!

i am good ... ... friday's my last day working here ... ... a _little_ stress-like because i've got to decide what i can afford to do next ... ... more work or (i hope) school ... ... ... it's all good, if just a little bit uncertain ... .. ... i am blessed ...
... and last saturday was our 17th anniversary ... ... though we were too busy to celebrate ... ... sylvia promised we would celebrate soon ... like october maybe ? ... ha!

thanks for giving me a shout ... always good to hear from you!!
Take Care!!
~ jim




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