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The runs whiterabbit

Posted by Kar on April 23, 2003, at 17:23:33

In reply to The TV commercials you hate, posted by whiterabbit on April 23, 2003, at 13:49:05

Gracie- i'm not as bad with the Geico ones. The Dell ones are now even more idiotic now that the "Dude, you gotta get a Dell" guy is gone but they were severely overdone too. Ok, let me preface this with this; I like sound in the background's not company...more like a stimulation thing. So this is why i know so many of the commercials. Ahem.

The thing about the tampon ads* is that I don't really understand how the commercial would succeed in inspiring us to buy that particular brand. Other than the subliminal nature of it, I guess. But really, do you see that Tampax now makes 50% more absorbent (ok, TMI but you started it!) tampons and think, "Well hot damn, I was gonna git me another brand, now I know I'll choose Tampax instead!"...really now. There was one that was particularly disturbing one (and I wish I could remember what brand because I WOULDN'T buy them) where they were advertising multi-packs. You know, for different "needs". Good God I'm grossing myself out now. Anyway, in a not so subtle attempt to be metaphorical, they showed a view of the outside from a kitchen window. And it was raining out. Sometimes it was pouring and sometimes it was just drizzling. So you can use a different one whether you're pouring or drizzling. Ewwwwwww.
I also love how the stuff they insist on using in the demonstrations is blue. If you have to make it blue then maybe we plain old don't need a demonstration.

Clearly i have issues with bodily fluid because the one I really hate is for...(see? Once again I can't think of the name!) an anti-diarrheal drug. There are a few scenarios. One is a nerdy guy in a hottub with some sexy women and they're fawning all over him. Suddenly he is overcome with an urgent need to go to the bathroom. It's horrid on so many levels...the hottub implications...the way he's walking...

What have you done to me? This is all your fault and you're probably not even bored anymore! now here I sit, all riled up with my legs crossed because I'm so skeeved.

I'm not finished yet but I do promise I will avoid any other potty-related commercials.

*Most sincere (but not so sincere that I'd leave it out of this post)apologies for the graphic nature of the proceeding commentary




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