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I hate him

Posted by LiLi80 on April 22, 2002, at 20:51:28

gillooly wont budge. He thinks i was complaing , but i wasnt. I hate my life, just breathing makes me screw it up. now i am kicked out of the class. and i have to take another class! i was supposed to leave for the west coast to do my film school. but now i have to stay and take some crummy summer class at this stupid catholic school. the dean told my mother that i can take the class anywhere and anytime, and still walk in graduation. I know for a fact that isnt true. If you want to walk you have to be enrolled in a summer class already at that school. you cant even do it second session they make you do it first session. God i dont want to walk, my mother wants it more than i do. I dont exactly have a choice. she makes me so mad, like i should just roll over and take it. I am going to yet another lawyer tommorow, he will probably brush me off too. i have gone thru the phone back from a-z, there is no one left. i kept poppig neurontin while screaming at my mother, and then she gets mad for me taking the 8888888 medication. 888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 8888 8888 8888 8888 8888!
I didnt do anything wrong yet i am continuosly being destroyed. I honestly think that they want me dead. If i am dead i cant make waves. the school didnt do anything when i told them about the threat i got. They said they were sorry. 888888888 888888 8888 8888 8888! I am just so mad. I cant find any justice. I found a stupid tutor, why is he being so stubborn, oh yeah his ego was bruised. 8888888 88888!
ok just to let you know, I am using the # 8 to show my emotion of extreme anger, that cant even be expressed in swear words. Most likely i will just use the # 8 to convey extreme sadness and loniness too someday. or extreme thoughts of suicidalness. mainly 8 will mean that things are really bad for me.




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