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Re: technology to create hearing voice impression

Posted by janejj on November 23, 2001, at 12:43:44

In reply to technology to create hearing voice impression, posted by ttt on November 23, 2001, at 9:55:01


Have you been to the doctor to discuss your worries ? The buzzing in your head could be a result of tinnitus bought on by the stress of worrying. It is also possible that you are severely depressed and this is causing you to hear voices. However whatever the case you really should seek some professional advice. I don't know to much about schizophrenia but i think there are medications you can take to get it under control.

My only other experience with schizophrenia was a friend of a friend. He believed that body guards in clubs etc were saying evil, threatening things to him and that they were all schemeing against him, but really they weren't.Luckily he has the help he needs and i think he has it under control.I only met him a few times , but he was a really, really cool guy and he was nice to talk to as well and this was before he was diagnosed. I feel so sorry that he was going through all that mental torture though and its sad because he had to leave university because he couldn't cope, but at least he has some help now. The thing that marked him out as having schizophrenia as opposed to severe depression was the fact that he really didn't know that it wasn't real. The voices melted into his reality and he didn't realise that he could be ill, he didn't question whether it was real or not.

Anyway good luck and please if you haven't already seen a healthcare professional about this, DO !!!

Is there a technology to create hearing voice impression?
> Does this technology exist anywhere in the world and used by any form of government to control some people?
> Is this hysterical, pathetic, and helpless?
> I hope I won't get tortured or persecuted for raising these concerns. Sorry if this offend anyone. I have no intention to be subversive or disobidient. I am just trying to understand my apparent schizophrenia.




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