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Re: ... jump

Posted by alexandra_k on August 5, 2021, at 15:39:32

In reply to Re: ... jump, posted by rjlockhart37 on August 3, 2021, at 18:15:02

aw, hey, it's okay.

do you remember the episode of 'The Simpsons' about the Stonecutters? I think it was a bit of a poke at the Freemasons.

The whole thing about 'No Homers'. Then he points out that there is a guy in the society called Homer, already. Then they point out that they are 'No Homers' so, since there is a Homer already there cannot be another one. Just making up b*llsh*t excuses about why he isn't eligible to join because they don't want him in their club. That's how Medical Admissions feels, in NZ. The no Alex's club. Except if they want someone to join called Alex then they will come up with another excuse about why I am not eligible.

The short of it is that administration has too much power, in NZ. People don't get paid or valued for working jobs, anymore. For working as doctors or nurses or police or teachers or anything, anything, anything at all. It's all about managing them or about administrating them. Administrating the money me-wards and mis-managing them out of existence. I think there is something of the 'Once upon a time I was young and wide-eyed and I had a dream or a vision of spending my life working at a job I found meaningful and I valued the job that this or that profession does and that's why I joined... And then management and administration etc etc did not provide any of the supports.. The structures. And they did not pay much of a salary, neither. They did not value what the job was or the people who tried to do the job. It all became about pandering to the managers and administrators for the promotions and the career advancement. And then you knew you really made it in life when you made it into the ranks of managment or administration. When they decided you could join them and contribute to the project of ensuring that the job was not valued and the people working the job was not valued. And the only thing valuable in life is being top manager of the administration administering all those funds me-wards laughing at the chumps who try and try and try and work those jobs with terrible support structures and little pay'.

Quite the scummy scam. This country is so poorly managed... Mis-managed. Mal-administered. Kept incapacitated. Disabled. Neutralised. Squabbling and squawking. Infighting and complaining. Round and round and round. The only question that makes sense of it all... Just look at where the money goes. And a level of sadism, of course. Someone thought to actually hire murderers and torturers and rapists and pedophiles etc etc to work with the kiddies. Actively selected for them.




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