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Re: ... jump

Posted by alexandra_k on August 5, 2021, at 16:09:01

In reply to Re: ... jump, posted by alexandra_k on August 5, 2021, at 15:46:57

And management or administration just becomes... The tribal chiefton leader who is a tyrant over the people. The people aren't allowed to do anything other than sit around singing their praises all day. Begging for hand-outs, effectively. Cry cry cry cry cry for handouts to the management or administration while the management and administration treats them like stupid children. Doesn't hear anything it doesn't want to hear. Only wants to hear things that are self-serving. Takes takes takes takes takes for itself only and doesn't share the wealth around. Thinks it's clever and smug about how it positioned itself such that everyone around it if forced to cry cry cry cry cry for handouts. Or flee to overseas because the management and administration will not allow anything to develop, here.

The nurses have been complaining about poor pay for quite some time. Nursing is a difficult thing because the profession is very wide-ranging indeed from surgical scrub nurses to... Healthcare assistants. I don't know what the minimum qualification level on nursing is... But there are a bunch of people who were given nursing Degrees who are working in aged care, only, where they are doing toileting and cleaning (or not) and the aged care facilities are saying 'sorry' for wrongful deaths all over the show because they refuse to pay their workers and they refuse to pay enough workers and so on...


The nurses have also been complaining about working conditions for quite some time. Not enough nurses on each shift. Requirements or very strong pressure to work a lot of overtime and to keep working rather than going home at the end of shift.

The union has tended to focus on the money. How nurses are doing the jobs of Doctors in the hospitals (including administering medication without prescriptions, often, because there simply isn't a doctor around. Or... The only doctor around is a 6th year medical student who is worse than useless). So some segment basically says they should be paid as doctors becuase they are doing the work of doctors. Or they should be paid as managers and administrators because they are actually doing some work.

But more recently the focus has shifted to working conditions. Because of Covid, I guess. Because our hospitals are always running on 'emergency' everything. There is no surge capacity that is to say. They are always running on surge capacity with under-staffing etc.

And the under-staffing thing is a combination of things. A determination or resolution to keep things under-staffed. A combination of refusing to supply applications for the job (saying certain people are ineligible). Refusing to hire people (saying nobody was eligible for the job, they didn't get any eligible applicants). Refusing to graduate people so they can say there aren't enough qualified people. Refusing to even supply application to the training programme. If you can't get hold of an application to enrol then I guess you can't be enrolled in the course that leads to the qualification. Quite the systemic. Systematic. Scam. Then picking them when they are young. Teaching compliance. Teaching that the only real power or meaning or value is in management and administration. That it's all about grubbing as much money out for yourself as you can. And that management or administration makes all the clinical decisions anyway. I mean... You choose who is on pay-roll -- yes? The clinicians tell you what you want to hear of they don't have jobs.

I mean... What has to go on for the DHB to be able to say with a straight face 'our clinical staff offered us vaccines in the very first round (front-line workers only) even when we have no patient contact... They said there were enough for everyone who needed one and nobody would miss out if we (and our family members who likely don't even work in health) get vaccinated first). That was apparently a clinical decision decided on clinical grounds. By clinicians who will not be on payroll if they don't tell management what management wants to hear only.

They don't see that. That's how smashed in the brains they are. They don't see that. Or, if they see it... They are gloating about it. What are you going to do about it? Hahahahhahahahahha.

The brain drain is the fact that people with brains are fairly forced to flee NZ. Because of management / administration. People can't function in the face of the tyrants who refuse to listen.

You have these mean-spirited people who couldn't work the jobs they wanted so they set out to make sure that nobody will work those jobs. If they couldn't then nobody will. They didn't get the help they needed so they will be the source of the problem for the next generation.

It is very noticable. Everyone who comes here notices it. How badly run. How poorly administrated. How there is such a lack of... Co-operation. There is no vision. No bigger picture. No working together. A fail at the most basic level when it comes to co-ooperativity or co-ordination, even. This short-sightedness of everyone scrambling up some local hierarchy with a complete blindness to how we are only falling further and further behind on the world stage. Other nations are developing and NZ doesn't develop. It stagnates.

Things have been getting worse over the years. I can point concretely to things we used to have that we don't have anymore.

In particular: Books. Freedom of speech is sorely limited here. Because people are afraid that they will lose their livlihoods if they speak up. It is a real thing. They don't publically advertise jobs. I have been locked out. I know there is no point my applying for public jobs because they won't hire me for them. They will say I lack the capacity. But they know full well I do have the capacity and it is because I have the capaciaty that they won't hire me. Ditto Med. I have the capacity to understand international standards. I don't get side-tracked or hood-winked into 'and now we clean our data' and I don't engage in this delusional process of rearranaging everything (including the evidnece) to hold onto pre-existing beliefs about how all the money must be accumulated me-wards at everyone else's expense.

We used to have quality book-shops and now we don't. Auckland. There is no high quality bookshop. Not associated with the Univesrity. The library used to be high quality. It is not anymore. They systematically removed books from the shelves. Placed them into storage and then they were removed from the catalogue and vanished. There isn't an independnet bookshop in the city either. Not even a sort of botique thing. Nothing. The University library sells... High School textbooks. There isn't a... Reading for pleasure... Nobody reads for pleasure. Things are very very very oppressive. The art... Apparently it is because it is produced by lawyers and accountants. People who were given application forms to apply for arts grants. Apparently that is the problem with it.




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