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Re: Arrrrggghhhh

Posted by muffled on May 7, 2008, at 23:02:44

In reply to Re: Arrrrggghhhh muffled, posted by Dinah on May 7, 2008, at 22:44:05

> I think you ought to have a final session too. And maybe she may not be a very constant and stable presence, she has been a consistently caring one. Lots of people go in to see therapist's just when they need to for one reason or another. Will her door be open if you need for a session here and there over the years?

*yes, she can be a bit unreliable to my picky sense of what is reliable...or mebbe its just me and continual testing...
But yes, you make a GOOD point. She HAS been consistantly caring. I think its just me, and my lack of understanding the whole 'caring' thing. I cannot comprehend it. She said nice things in her mail. But I can't understand. Why does she say these things? Oh sure, I can logically come up with the "right" answer, but that doesn't mean I understand it.
I guess I don't understand how there can be caring, and then its just turned off.
She has said we can still have contact even though I am terminated. We went thru this B4 when I was going to terminate. But she will not stay in touch. She didn't last time. She's very busy, and I won't presume upon her. Time will go by, and that will be that.
Maybe I am being overly negative, but I doubt it.
I will not have her as T again. I have gotten all that I can from her. She has taught me what she knows. There is no more work to do w/her.
> I'm interested to hear what you have to say about the new therapist. Even if you don't develop a long term relationship with her. Learning things can be interesting and exciting too.

*Thank you. Yes, I hope she can give me some good info. And really, it will be a huge releife to work w/a T that is used to my issues. To be able to have all of me speak if it chooses to. I couldn't really w/old T cuz it made me feel too bad afterwards. Kinda ashamed of my wierdness, cuz i knew this stuff was new to her, though she handled it well.

> And maybe you can keep the memory of her consistently caring presence? Even if she wasn't consistently present in a physical sense.

I just REALLY confused more than anything.
She said in the mail I could contact her while she was in town. I don't like to phone, cuz I hate it when phone rings when I in session. I said that in my second mail. But she not responded. She may just be really busy I guess.
I guess.
What I DO know, is I am an idiot.
Thanks for reply Dinah.
I tried to read your thread on your T.
I am sorry its not going well.
Are you going to start a new thread on it lower down?
Maybe you just need a break?
Leaving T's sucks all right.
Take care,




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