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Re: 'Bipolar Disorder' vs. 'Manic Depressive Insan Quintal

Posted by LlurpsieNoodle on March 17, 2008, at 3:12:22

In reply to Re: 'Bipolar Disorder' vs. 'Manic Depressive Insan LlurpsieNoodle, posted by Quintal on March 16, 2008, at 18:42:11

> You and kk were with me for a few days actually, along with Paris Hilton and certain other celebrities. Most of the time we were in the nude (although I actually *was* in the nude). No sexual activity took place. I 'remember' you recommending the udon noodle dish over the beef satay and hovering over my shoulder as I went to collect it from the takeaway. I don't suppose you remember anything about that?

Rest assured that I was not there. First of all, I don't usually display my birthday suit

. However, your imagination is character-consistent regarding food. I would be the one on psychobabble to recommend the udon dish and accompanying satay. That is accurate with the spirit of my character. Although I have never done so in the past. BTW chicken and pork satay taste better than beef.

buddha wasn't there with you. he's on my shelf eating an orange and drinking water.

> >I have had psychotic features myself. Mine are terrifying. Asking me to take big knife and disembowel myself and I end up in a big argument, and can see and feel and smell the mess. it's schrecklich.

since I've added wellbutrin the dreams and imaginings are more vivid and detailed. They are compelling :( Something to talk about with T. He often says something like "It sounds like you're on a bad acid trip" but we both know that my neurotransmitters were virginal prior to seeing my first pdoc.
> I have a particular fear of them asking me to chop my 'little man' off. I don't think I would ever do it, but I have heard of such on the internet. Mine usually just speak my thoughts out loud. At times they're so loud I worry that other people can hear them. Night times are worst, especially without sleeping meds. I tend to get demons and succubi loitering around my bed. Makes it difficult to fall off to sleep. I 'know' it's just my imagination, but still... till it actually happends to you. I think you know what I mean.
(((((Quintal)))) I am so sorry for this. I have been having bad dreams lately too. Albeit not about my nonexistent appendage, but still horrifying and vivid. hence me being awake at 3:30 am. To type is to keep one's mind organized, or so I feel. Makes things more linear, at least by my standards.

> >who doesn't want to be "sectioned" at least not on this side of the Atlantic
> A social worker came round and I wouldn't let her in. I woke from a nap on my sofa to find a pair of policemen, two social workers and a psychiatrist in my living room. There was no choice, I had to go, but still I refused. The police literally dragged me out of the house. I fought like a tiger and still have scars on my hand where they dug their nails in. But hey, it's not every day you get to wrestle with a pair of uniformed coppers in the nude. Something to tell the grand kids.
You have a good sense of humor about this, but ultimately, it sounds like a tragedy that I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. I don't have too many worst enemies, so maybe I'm being naive here...

> I was locked on the secure ward and it really is like a prison. Totally dehumanizing. It was a very traumatic experience - you have almost no human rights in there. That's another post in itself though.
> Q

please post if you feel it would help. I will read. I've been there myself. Asking everyday... Can I leave now. Can I leave now? NOW? response is a placid smile. No honey the pdocs want you stabilized. So I pretended to "stabilize" haha. little did they know.

((((((((((q)))))))))) I'm awfully generous with the hugs, lemme know if it bothers you. I just feel so sad that you had to be taken to the hospital in these circumstances. :(





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