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Re: 'Bipolar Disorder' vs. 'Manic Depressive Insan Sigismund

Posted by Quintal on March 15, 2008, at 16:27:45

In reply to Re: 'Bipolar Disorder' vs. 'Manic Depressive Insanity' Quintal, posted by Sigismund on March 15, 2008, at 15:10:13

>Another had a stronger dose of it, felt he was 'on a thousand tabs of acid' (as he put it to me with bright shining eyes)

I had a nap on the sofa one day and woke up to find this thing talking to me:
I've had hadn't even noticed it before and I've had that sofa for two years. Is that what acid's like? The thing is I can't help but not see his evil face now, even though I'm not psychotic any more. I may have to buy throws.

I think this is beyond Pollyfilla:
At the time it seemed to form an outline of Darren Osprey's head - a computer technician who came out to sell a distance learning course to me one time. He used to spike his hair into Viking 'horns' and was fairly chubby. It still reminds me of him from the back, sitting typing on his comupter.

>swam the river naked and walked up on someone's lawn talking about God.

Oh yes... I ran naked on my front lawn at six one morning, music blearing, and did a pole-dance on the 'For Sale' board. My next door neighbor happened to be a passer-by on his way to early shift. He still won't meet my eye and I just don't know what to say.

>There was someone who assured me that the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party had put electrodes in his brain so they could monitor something to do with the CC of the CP of the USSR.

For me it was the scientologists, Heather Ashton and linkadge. They were tracking me via sattelite using some sort of gamma-ray device that could penetrate walls. The aliens themselves seemed to be on my side though, it was just a matter of getting rid of Heather and linkadge somehow, and then I'd rule the Earth with the aliens as backup if I needed them.

>He seemed really lucid/sane and quite batty at the same time.

Yup. I was so lucid during my assessment interview that the psychistarist had tears in his eyes when I told him how I spoke to my mother. As if for a few moments he wondered if there might be a grain of truth in it. This was confounded when I said I knew I was having a manic episode. Apparently it's quite rare to be completely barking and completely aware of at the same time. If only I could have had an 'off switch' it would be the best entertainment going. I've seen a few people go mad before but it's something else to experience it for one's self. Not really what it looks like from the outside.





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