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Re: DID therapy and DBT

Posted by Estella on August 3, 2006, at 12:24:14

In reply to Re: DID therapy and DBT Estella, posted by kerria on August 3, 2006, at 10:52:34

> The T would have to probabaly be found by my psychDr or T-

okay. but then you are leaving your recovery in their hands rather than taking it into your own hands...

> and would have to understand switching because we're a mess- everything changes- we find ourselves places and are different ages and names- trying to concentrate on any subject is hard- it's all chopped up- i remember parts of sentences and topics. Even the practical thing of getting there- to the office and finding the office is a struggle for us - we're switching so much that everything is so hard now. Also we're upset and having flashbacks- everything is too hard now.

yeah. you have to contract with DBT. basically... you can't get better in therapy if fyou don't go to therapy. so if you turn up late to therapy then you have less therapy / no therapy. that is a consequence of turning up late / not turning up. I think that a great thing about DBT is that it works on reinforcement contingencies so that alters come into line... It is true that sometimes people don't do what is required... But if you and your parts are committed to getting better (as I'm sure you guys are - I mean I'm sure that things aren't much fun for any of you at the moment)... Then... DBT is great. I have parts too. DBT really helped me. I learned how to be... Kind to myself. Hard for me. 'Cause I hated myself so very much. But I learned how to be kind to me. Then (after quite a while) I learned how to be kind to my parts. To understand something of how they were afraid of / for me and about how... They were trying to protect me typically. Even the parts that I thought were horrid and were trying to destroy me. They were trying to protect me really. Trying to protect me from having unrealistic hopes in a t. Trying to protect me from having unrealistic hopes for my future etc.

DBT taught me to recognise that they were hurting and that I needed to be kind to them... And DBT taught them that they needed to recognise that I was hurting too and they needed to be kind to me.

Now I have... Improved communication... We don't always agree but we can communicate civily and we have a common goal of improved functioning of the body.

My life has improved so much.

It was a hard road. A very hard road indeed... But DBT skills helped me to do it. I don't know that I would be where I am today without them.

That is me of course. I understand different people are different... But I know I had similar problems with the DID 'specialists'. I found much more benefit to focusing on stabilisation as my first goal. And DBT... Is about stabilisation primarily.




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