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Re: ((((((((((cubic me)))))))))))) B2chica

Posted by cubic_me on December 10, 2005, at 13:54:24

In reply to Re: ((((((((((cubic me)))))))))))) cubic_me, posted by B2chica on December 9, 2005, at 11:35:57

>> i can understand your not wanting to go on lithium, maybe you could get a second opinion of meds from another doc? i'm sure there are other combos you could use. i'm actually on three things to help my dpression (450 wellbutrin, 100 zoloft, and 20LA ritalin) sometimes an ssri helps add to regular ADs, sometimes the AD just poops out.

If I feel like this for much longer then I will go back to my GP to see what we can work out. Last time I said that I would like to be re-refered to another pdoc she said it wasn't possible as they only refer to this particular team and if I had a problem I had to take it up with my pdoc. I didn't have enough confidence to bring it up with him (especially as he is one of the tutors I could have been allocated to this year), so I just didn't go back and got repeats from my GP until I realised the meds weren't doing anything and came off them slowly.

> > and i think i need to mention that you really have to keep in mind what's more important. is the risk of speaking out about your issues, what maybe your 'ideal' job may do to you? maybe the work you are doing is exacerbating your depression?

This really is something I have to think about. Now I'm just wishing I'd got fully 'sorted out' last time and not have to go through it again. I ideally want to go into criminal profiling or forensic psychiatry, so this would affect me less than what I am doing now (and even less so if I wasn't depressed at the present). I don't really know how much medical history (including mental) is taken into account when choosing people for jobs in the fields I want to go into - it's something I ought to look into.

In another way it has almost helped me because I won't make an attempt on my life in my own area unless I am absolutely sure to die as I'll be taken to an ER where I know people or will have to go on placement.

> please, please don't act on your feelings. i won't if you won't.

I definately won't at the moment. I can't garuntee anything for the future though.

> i'm glad your bfriend has been good, but i'm sure he can add some stress to your mountain. my hubby's same way, he just never understood how i could be so sad and he not know it. for years he never knew.
> i am SO glad i can put even a slight smile on that beautiful face of yours.
> i wish you the best for this weekend...let us know how it goes.

It's not going great at the moment (my boyfriend's coat got stolen while we were having lunch in a restaurant, it had his train ticket and my car stereo in it :( and I got a bit freaked out by all the people out shopping when I couldn't concentrate and everything was all blurry). Things can only get better though. We are going ice skating tomorrow.




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