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Re: T Thinks Pdoc is brilliant Argh!!!! Somewhat

Posted by Racer on September 29, 2005, at 13:13:13

In reply to Re: T Thinks Pdoc is brilliant Argh!!!! Somewhat long Poet, posted by terrics on September 29, 2005, at 10:14:03

> Hi Poet, I just read your post. Your dx. sounds insane to me. I work in special ed. from psych to profoundly retared including Asperger's and autism.

There are some really good points here. I'll go one further with one of my pet theories: while all these disorders have names and symptoms, the etiology is not well enough understood to say that they're all one discrete entity. The diagnoses are all based on constellations of symptoms, but those same symptoms might be caused by any number of different underlying issues. Is Asperger's really just one step on the Autistic spectrum? Or is it something else, entirely unrelated?

'Nough of that...

> The psych. professionals seem to be the ones who see things in black and white. They say I am borderline more because of 2 traits then because of anything else.

LoL! Last year, during my nightmare with the Agency Focussed on Mental Illness Rather Than Mental Health, a couple of people on my treatment team decided that I was "borderline." This was based on a couple of things: that I got upset when I couldn't get any response from the medication clinic during a severe reaction to medications; and that I reacted badly to a bully on their staff. Um, if I am there largely because I bottle up my emotions so completely, wouldn't acknowledging anger and -- {gasp} -- expressing it be considered a good thing in some universes? Of course, anything I said about it not fitting me was only more proof in their eyes that I really was borderline -- even when my condition rapidly deteriorated after they started pressuring me to acknowledge that I had a personality disorder. (Their response every time I denied their mistaken diagnosis? "Everyone has a personality..." Hello? I'm middle aged, fer cryin' out loud! If I didn't have a personality by now, *that* would be pathological. Having a personality -- even one that they do not like -- is not synonymous with having a personality disorder!)

Anyway, my final conclusion has been that it doesn't matter what they call me, as long as it doesn't interfere with appropriate treatment. In the case of The Agency From The Planet Clueless, it did create problems in my treatment.

OK, nothing I've said here really has anything to do with Poet's issues. Forgive me.

To bring it back around, I guess that I'd say, "Hey, Poet, unless their treatment for you is helping, how about doing some dr shopping? It's only a problem if you're a radio talk show host."




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