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Re: Triggering- my Pain is impossible to live in Jadah

Posted by kerria on August 5, 2005, at 14:35:37

In reply to Re: Triggering- my Pain is impossible to live in, posted by Jadah on August 4, 2005, at 20:49:23

Hi Jadah,

Thanks so much for identifying with me. You've been there and know how hard it is.

It's been such a long and frustrating battle to try to get any dr to listen to me. i wish that my pain were somewhere else- i've wished that a thousand times!
Pelvic pain with someone that has PTSD and DID (with all the somatoform disorders that pple with DID can have) - and especially when there are no physical findings on all the tests that i've had.
Every dr without exception has thought that i have a psych reason for the pain.

the only thing that i can think of that may be the cause of the pain is a chemical spill that i spoke about in my post to Cricket earlier today.
in spring 2003, a few months before the pain started, i had to do an application of fungicide at my job and my TVK suit was huge for me- and became ripped in the back and it allowed the solution to drip onto my clothes underneath from the bench that i just applied to. The place that was wet with fungicide is the place where i have pain now- and the drs can find no other reason. i think that it's an injury to the nerves in that area.
Pesticides can be absorbed greater in this area than almost any other of the body and i wasn't able to change clothes for an hour of so- there was no shower. i panicked and drove home to shower.
Other abnormalities were found- but they didn't explain the severe pain- i had too many immuniogloblins in my blood- a small 'm' spike- it's called 'monoclonal gammopathy', but drs have dismissed the connection of that saying that lots of peple have that. also there was a decrease in red and white blood cell lines.i never had that before. It was all within normal range but low. Also my thyroid stopped working. all this happened within 6mo. after the pesticide accident and then the pain started.

It may or not be related but i know that it's not psycho pain. It's too constant. i hope that someone will listen- and that the nerve block will be good - that it will help.

it's so horrible hearing the drs always ask "Do you have a history of abuse?" If i say "Yes" they think that the search is over and if i say "No" and they ask to speak to my other drs or my psychiatrist they find that i lied. It's so triggering also- i can barely talk to my T and it keeps coming up with these strange drs. every time. Then comes the horrifically painful exam, then to live in this pain and people don't believe me - how bad it is- and won't treat me with medicines that work. It's horrible. i hope that this is over soon.

Thanks so much for encouraging me, Jadah. i'll stay in the battle. i hope that i'll be strong on Monday- that will be the hard day, when i go to have the nerve block.

Take care of you, too,




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