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Re: Now.....

Posted by karen_kay on November 15, 2003, at 12:18:57

In reply to Re: Now....., posted by Joslynn on November 15, 2003, at 10:01:32

> I recall reading on here that someone's therapist got upset that she searched for her on the internet, but I don't see what the big deal is. Whenever I am going to see any new professional or going on a job interview or even going on a date with someone I don't know well, I put that name in google, just to see what comes up. You wouldn't want to find out that your therapist is posting on some white supremacy web site or something!

>This is true! And I did use google, not some spy software or anything like that. The sad part is that I was so determined I used about 4 ours of my time to search through all of the results. Ughh! I think I have a problem. And have had similar ones like this in the past. I just wanted some info like where he attened school, I really didn't want personal info, and this is why I feel guilty now.

> As for the not-so-gorgeous wife...your reaction was interesting, I would have the opposite one. I would be relieved she didn't look like Nicole Kidman. I guess it would give me hope that you don't have to be beautiful to have a nice, handsome husband. (Not that I'm not pretty in my way, but I am no Nicole Kidman!)

>The reason his wife concerns me is that I fear it feeds the fire, so to speak, that maybe I have a chance with this stupid infatuation. (I HATE admitting this :( Also, I have this deep need for him to have a really beautiful wife. You know, like I expect him to have the perfect stepford wife, and now my illusion doesn't exist anymore.

> I don't see the need to "confess" finding the pic, unless you think it could bring about an important conversation. I guess it's up to you.

>I almost want to confess so that I won't feel so guilty. I feel like I have envaded his private life. I shouldn't know anything about his family. And now I do and I feel horrible for it. But, I'm also scared that I won't be a perfect client if I admit to googling him, or even worse admit to what I found. But, I really feel guilty and I don't want to feel guilty anymore. I guess the guilt will go away. It was an accident. And I didn't find a picture of his wife by choice. But, I think that by being completely honest with him he will realize how important it is to me to finally put an end to this crush.

> Ha, if I were you, I would probably be jealous not just of the wife, but of the dog! E.g., "How come the dog gets to snuggle with him? What does the dog have that I don't have?" etc. But that's me. :)

He he... Now that I think aobut it, I am jealous of the doggie. Every time I talk about my dog during sessions, he perks right up. I even brought in a picture of my dog once. Maybe I'll bring in another. Or, I can just try pinning a tail to my butt, maybe that will get his attention? Maybe then we can snuggle?




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