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Re: pharmac negotiation

Posted by alexandra_k on August 16, 2021, at 17:13:11

In reply to pharmac negotiation, posted by alexandra_k on August 16, 2021, at 16:53:41

and i don't know how much the union leaders get paid. the nurses union and the like. i imagine they get paid more (an increase in their own power) the more conflict there is between the district health boards and the employees. or between the ministry and the employees. i imagine that sowing the seeds of conflict and fanning the flames of conflict is quite the... lucrative... thing to do. and quite psychologically satisfying to a certain personality type that thrives on dramas and the like.

as is usual, the people who 'get in there and take' those kinds of jobs are often motivated or driven by what the job can do for them and not by what it is that they can do for the job.

apparently it's before a judge. to say what 'safe staffing levels are'. because our levels of staffing are much lower than the levels of staffing deemed safe in every developed nation.

i remember reading a UN report that stated that the biggest thing preventing people from having access to medical care was developed nations poaching staff from developing nations.

like new zealand.

apparently we are the supposedly developed nation with the highest number or percentage or what have you of foreign trained nurses.

we are the second highest with foreign trained doctors.

how does that go?

we get people from developing nations to pay a bunch of money into our education system. if they do it from early enough (e.g., primary school) they may be able to become residents and buy their way into tertiary training as well...

but also when it comes to hiring... we cry about how we don't have enoguh skilled workers (while refusing to train and graduate our own) then we only hire migrants on a temporary basis. we over-work them. burn them out. they come believing they will be able to apply to specialist training programmes. but we just work them to death in the hospitals without letting them into specialst training programmes.

or... how much of your salary do you hand the specialist training programmes over how many years? you apply... where each application costs you.... and you study for hte exams. do you? you need to enrol in a university course to 'help' you study for the exams -- do you? do you need to pay for some extra tutoring? do you need to pay someone to give you the answers?

or do you study from Big Robbins? Do you memorise Last's anatomy? Really? Do you? That's how you study for surgery? Really? You mean to tell me that the people currently training to be surgeons in NZL did well on their test of Last's anatomy?


Really really?

Really really really really really?

Because it's...


And then there's 'first aid for the usmle'

and what the f*ck is wrong with us.

Oh yeah. our librabry doesn't buy that book, anymore.




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