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Re: they are required to train me.

Posted by alexandra_k on August 16, 2021, at 17:42:48

In reply to they are required to train me., posted by alexandra_k on August 16, 2021, at 17:34:08

we don't appear to have doctors, in other words.
or hospitals.

just detention camps.

the universities... not processing enrolments or completions.

detention camps again.

new zealand: there is nothing here. not so far as i can see...

the prisons are not detention camps.

the prisons are training grounds for the gangs of new zealand.

they were places where people trained for teh mongrel mob, primarily.. but there were a few other gangs too. black power. i don't think i am thinking of pacifica -- that's something else... the black power used to be the rival gang to the mongrel mob. in a 'team sports' sort of a rival way, i think. more than anything. not entirely sure. then there the outcasts. the skinheads. they were the little white boys who used to go about in groups and get a bit stabby stabby. because they were afraid of the bigger presence of the other guys... so fear... but that made them more... unpredicatable... they were the only ones with access to cocaine... but that was some time ago...

anyway... the prisons are where the kids go when they are wanting to earn tehir patch into a gang. it's like... a coming out ceremony or ritual. and now you are a man. or whatever. having done some time in prison. maybe the idea is ... now they know you won't narc on them for less prison time or whatever. i don't know... in pracatice...

in practice it means that our prisons are 'play school' types of environments for training gangs. you know. the people who are to administrate and manage the prostituion and drugs. their workforce. like summer camp.


that's why us having to imprison that terrorist was a big deal. we needed to build an actual prison.


australia has been deporting people... nzl citizens who have been in australi a for a very long time.

i guess australia got to training them.

now australia is sending them back to new zealand. yes.

and they are going into the prisons. and they have opiates from tasmania... and they have big boy guns.

and it's creating a few problems. more than a few.

it's not play school in the prisons anymore.

or in the streets.

people being blindsided.


come in new zealand!! get witht eh developed world programme!!! come in new zealand!!!

you are required to train me.

hurry up




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