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Re: paying homage...

Posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2021, at 18:23:05

In reply to Re: paying homage..., posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2021, at 18:08:54

because they are too f*ck*ng stupid to sign their students off

becuase they REFUSE to allow their studnets to work to internationally accepted standards of scholarship.

two out of three external examiners KEPT MY THESIS.

the university calendar regulations say that if re-enrolment and re-examiantion is required (if the studnet hasn't done enough work yet for the thesis to be acceptable) then THE THESIS WILL BE RETURNED TO THE CANDIDATE.

i pointed out to the university that the examiners had not returned the copies of the thesis that were posted to them. the university asked the examiners to return the thesis because the student was saying they were required to return it for the university to be allowed to re-enrol the studnet and arrange for re-examination of the student.

the examiners refused to return the thesis to the university.

i made the changes the examiners required within 10 weeks. within the enrolment period that had already been paid for.

the university refused to get my work back to examiners thereby preventing them from signing the form saying the thesis was to be accepted in fulfilment of regulations for the degree.

tehy refused to get the work to examiners in order to prevent the examienrs from signign off that i completed the work within the enrolment period.

they refused to allow me to work ot internationally accepted standards of scholarship.


it's not rocket science.

that was end 2018 / start 2019. that was in time for me to start Medicine in 2019.

that means i'd be in my third year of medicine now.

this would be my first year doing wards rotations.

they stole my life.

and now they pay
and now they pay
and now they pay


the courts are often f*ck*ng incompetent. they refuse to deliver justice. natural justice.

they refuse to make it so that it is most costly (in the short term financial interests sense which is the only sense these psychopaths can comprehend) for them to refuse to comply with the law than to comply with the law.

it needs to be more costly (in the only language they understand) for them to break the law than to follow the law.

or if new zealand is committed to the judicial branch of government rewarding psychopathy then there needs ot be a mechanism to get the people out of new zealand.

which is costly to international community. why are they left cleaning up after the messes the new zealand government makes when it refuses to do any of the most basic of f*ck*ng things that it's supposed to do.

i don't know that we want to have a judiciary.

we don't seem able to write laws or enforce laws or...

what the f*ck do they do all day.


apparently i was the ONLY PERSON to have made a complaint about serious wrong doing within NZ Universiteis.

and the CE of Universities NZ refused to simply get the evidnece of the inquiry (aka forward teh email i sent him) to the police for prosecution.

for that he'd paid several hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

to fly to vietnam and see how much money he can make off of trafficking children to new zealand by making false promises about how investment in new zealand will be repaid




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