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Re: paying homage...

Posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2021, at 18:08:54

In reply to Re: paying homage..., posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2021, at 17:48:56

I don't have health insurance
I don't have independent transport
They refuse to enrol me in the Degree program of my choosing

(you have learned enough)

I have learned enough to do what?

To take a bunch of English Second Language studnets and teach them that black is white and up is down and love is hate and whatever i say whenever i say because i say is the most sensible thing of all and either p or q and not p means that anything i like is the case. that follows. and if i have a dollar in my wallet and my wallet is in my pocket then my dollar is in my pocket and hgiewohgdk and thiehkghkn and that doesnt follow and straw man! and appeal to authority! and because i say and i am the authority! and your problem is that you no speak-y english!!

partly to ensure that enrolments stay down in philosophy. people who do a course like that are scared back to science and the university makes more money off of science courses and there's a natural progression from biology to picking the seasonal harvest -- right?

partly to scramble up the gpa. partly to abuse studnets. so they think they don't have abiltiy or capacity in the arts. everybody knows these ESL studnets can only do maths (are only allowed to do maths) -- right? no language skills. no arts. no philosophy. scramble the grades. no correlation between time spent working or time spent working smart and outcome. scare them away. philosophy. boo yah grrrrr grrrr nothing to see here. move along.

so that's the use of philosophy.

the other major use is to ensure that ethics doesn't develop. anything they want to do is perfectly moral. didn't you know? inevitable. progress in ethics is when we understand that if the kuru people the people with dementia the people with alzheimers are not screaming their protests then consent is implied. of course. that's progress in ethics. to undersetand informed consent like that. the people who are not affected, that is to say the people who are not themselves the experiemental subject or teh observational subject those people they are the ones who have the inforamation to decide what is best for their subjects. obvoiusly. of course. they make informed consenting decisions that whatever they want to do is just fine. obviously and clearly. of course they need to do a lot of experiments or observations of people being tortured or harmed or hurt or maimed or injured or abused or whatever. these things are required for scientific progress. that's what progress in science looks like. it looks like lots of observational subjects or expeimental subjects being hurt and so on. that's what scientific progress means. rightly understood.

so that's another use of philosophy.

and there's the whole 'what do you meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean by x' sort of a thing. and thinking that critical thinking or reasoning means you get to go 'no' to whatever you don't like. that that's critical thinking or reasoning. denial. changing the meaning of words. just... whatever you think because you think and lack of ability or capacity to see or hear anything outside yourself.


no nonnononononono that's you and what am i?


i am waiting for the degree that i completed the requirements of. waiting for the degree.

i am waiting for enrolment in teh program of study i met the entry requiremnts for. that you were required to have enrolled me in.


apparently there is no justice. the criminals always win.

hahahhahahha and what are you going to do about it?

this lesson in life.

that i need to be taught.

that people are very very very very very committed to.

because it's what they cling to to explain or excuse choices they have made.

for which i must surely be made to suffer.


i am not a very good fit for here...


universities were supposed to be about research. that's their essential function.

but the people here are mostly cut off from how research goes or proceeds everywhere else in the world.

international conferences and workshops and the like.

departmental talks and seminars.

learning from each other. that's the main thing that's missing.

people stop listening when they get speaking rights. often.

most people in nz do not have speaking rights.

i was failed because i dared to have my own opinion and the leaders cannot understand the difference between agreeing or liking what it is that i am saying (or being neutral in the face of word salad) and academic quality. they don't have an idea of academic qualities to appreciate that different pieces of academic work might display valuable things that are... different for the different pieces of academic work. one work might be an really amazing survey or literature review. might do that amazingly. another work might be really original with something really quite new or different. another work might be drawing things together in a way that hasn't really been done. they can go 'we expect ALL of those things at the highest level'.

you mean you expect people to do their entire lifes work for no pay.

it isn't supposed to be the entire lifes work.

it is supposed to be good enough. it is supposed to be 1 year of work. or 3 years of work. as the case may be. the work was done. the work was good work. and now you recognise the work that was done with the f*ck*ng piece of paper that is the degree. the work was done for no pay. the payment was the degree. the f*ck*ng piece of paper.

and now you pay me
and now you pay me
and now you pay me
and now you pay me
and now you pay

f*ck*ng hell.

and now you pay




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