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taken over

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 19:47:02

and that was the thing...

i was saying from quite a few years back, now.

it was like new zealand had been taken over.


what was visible on the surface... the superficial... was so obviously just an empty shell.

all the academic things were notably absent. lacking. gone. not here. nobody home.

the inspiring and motivating. kind. intelletually curious. the outputs of that. gone. not here. nobody home.

not very many visiting academics...

the few who seemed decent...


they were being scared away from ever coming back.

i suppose that was it.

that's the message loud and clear: there's nothing here. nothing to see. nothing here. there's nobody home.

there aren't universities.

there's nothing here.

there's nobody home.


what about the infrastructure, then?

i mean... if you are going to build a bomb shelter.

if you are going to build a safe-house.

if you are going to build things... into the ground...

there were signs of those kinds of activitiy...

every now and then...

things being done too efficiently.

to competently.

to be new zealand efforts.

things were getting done...

going on...


in this other realm. this other world.

that i am locked out of.

because duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i'm stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid and my fate in new zealand is to squabble squabble sqwawk to people who are too stupid to read-y english who are paid to ensure that nobody learns to read-y english. not on their watch! in their esteemed position as professor of english!

and so on.

just a bunch of...

taking the piss.

i suppose it is about medical research behind the scenes.

because new zealand has a bunch of people who nobody cares about and who the government is more than willing to sell out and hand over all their data not even to the highest bidder.

i really do get the feeling that new zealand has the most experimented on population in the world.

and not (not at all) for the benefit of new zealanders.

exploiting new zealanders for the benefit of foreign people.

foreign people who bribe and so on the government.

i suppose countries have lists of new zealanders who are seeing the embassies and the like who want to come home.

who are being told they don't have a spot in quarantine.

then they see who is buying the spots in quarntine.

who the spots are going to.

every now and then it's a doctor -- and their family of 5 or whatever.

buying a spot for their family. buying a job in new zealand, too! a job they couldn't get a local for? a job that they are paying the government for? is that how it goes? we will pay you for coming and experimenting on your people?

the ventillators are here...

people can come here with vaccines, now.

personal immunity.

people will come with personal immunity who are very very very invested in community transmission taking hold.

they may have financially invested in new zealand, even, in thinking that they will be able to make their money back, here, from the new zealand government, once community transmission takes hold.

i don't know why else people would be paying the government to take quarantine spots from citizens.

preventing citizens from returning to the country because the quarantine spots have been sold to the highest bidder.

i see them blaming it on people 'hacking' the system.

but it's important to see how the system was buit to profiteer from.


i remember it wasn't so very many years ago that the government stopped paying teachers. just stopped paying them. they said it was some payroll glitch. but they didn't pay them. no paychecks were received... for months. months... a few months... more than a few months...

the government didn't pay school teachers.

i don't think they ever made that right (paid that back with teh correct amount of interest, or whatever).

they just do whatever they want...

i think that was just the year before covid.


the year of Covid they were starting out saying there were too many kids in the schools. they physcially couldn't fit them all into the classrooms.

there wasn't enough physical buildings to house them in.

to warehouse them in.

the kids.

not just the primary school kids. the secondary school kids.

so Covid told them to stay home.

'well well well just stay home we all have equitable access to the internet'.

and we'll give people degrees for watching youtube that aren't acknowledged overseas.

and anybody who can read can fill out the forms for disability because 25 per cent of the population must be kept incapacitated. they don't count for the unemployment rate.

you see.

we incapacitated them.

hahahahahhahahahahahha we couldn't degrade our environment any more quickly.




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