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Re: Progress!

Posted by alexandra_k on May 20, 2020, at 7:13:26

In reply to Re: Progress!, posted by alexandra_k on May 20, 2020, at 6:03:07

You know, I had 2 friends and they were really very very dear to me, indeed.

Both of them were really sweet guys. One of them wasn't much of a looker -- and likely that counted against him in life. But he was a decent guy. He told me that he went to anger management because he had a problem with anger at some point in his life... But the time I knew him I never ever saw him lash out at anybody at all. Once I accidentally dropped a bit of 4x2 on his head rather hard in a mis-communication and he pulled a face and stopped. And I apologised profusely. And he stopped. And pulled a face. And he didn't lash out at me at all...

And he was a bit older than me. I can't remember how much. We used to listen to pink floyd. He was into music. Decent speakers. Surround sound. So listening to pink floyd... Getting high and just... Feeling good. And he had some decent friends, too. Again, decent guys. One lived with his mother, I remember. With his parents, still. And they grew poppies. Lots of them. In a low key way... ANd yeah, well, there's that.

And something about he used to work the boiler room on steam engine trains. But they aren't steam anymore so... So he worked out at a sawmill for a bit. Minding the boiler... And that paid well. And he could spend a shift (all hours) out there minding the boiler... People can come out. Party. By the boiler. He just neede to make sure it was stoked and no problem. Right? No problem.

And another guy who was a really nice guy. I think he had fetal alcohol syndrome. Effects. Spectrum. Something. Not book smart. But genuinely nice guy. Until alcohol was in his system. Then not nice guy. Violent. Beliggerent. Like his Dad, apparently. So... I met him in some kind of AA or NA rehab meeting things. He was trying to stay sober. He was a terrific guy when sober. He was a terrific guy when stoned. We used to get high a lot. He was kind and decent and a nice guy. Just needed to lay off the alcohol.

And I think he was actually fairly involved with a gang. I think he used to work for them. Pretty low level stuff-- but a reliable worker for them. So.. To have enough to feed his baseline.. His daily need. His weekly need... He used to work for them. Doing cooks or selling or whatever. ANd then sometimes they would give him a bit extra or he could take a bit extra from the work or whatever.

ANd we would just hang out and listen to music. Or drive around the country seeing the scenery listening to music. Or hang out... Talk... Go for walks... Enjoy the sccenery. Just hang out. And everyone was feeling good and happy and just enjoying life and everyones company.

And we didn't stress each other out. He had a girlfriend who likely wanted to marry him... A couple kids.. Stresses there.. They wanted more time with him. They wanted him to quit all the drugs. They wanted him to move in with them. They wanted money for school clothes and various things... ANd I met her sometimes. And I met his kids sometimes. And I felt bad. For them.

And I felt bad for him that these people stressed him out.

And I felt bad for them. That he would rather hang with his 'mates' and likely spend whatever money he did have on drugs for them than on his family etc...

But I tried not to dwell on it for too long...

He started drinking near the end of the time I knew him. That was scary. Drink driving. Dangerous. He'd put himself in a ditch numerous occasions. I remembe rhaving to grab the wheel to prevent accidents. Him drinking actually while or during driving and not amenable at all to stopping that. Screaming at me to get out of the car (like 6 hours from home) if I dind't like it. He started to be a lot more unpleasant to be around. I started to feel unsafe. Like he might hit me. Near the end of the time that I knew him.

I remember helping him with a couple cooks. I guess because he thought they were relatively safe. So... More family environments, really. Than gang pads I mean. So doing those... And the people were all fine. Hung out. Friendly. Repectful. No problems.

But then something went down and they wanted him to say that some stuff they found was his and not theirs... But he'd been in trouble for that stuff before so he ran away to avoid prison time.

So we didn't see him for like 6 months because he thought he would get the bash for not going to jail....

Oh dear.

And farming. Dairy farming. where you get a house because you have to milk the cows at 6am. So, again, it's a party house where you can party constantly -- just so long as the cows get milked 2x a day nobody gives a sh*t.

And I guess I have varsity going on... And i had my schedule. When I needed to be writing things. Studying things. For deadlines. And then downtimes. And I guess they would stop by and we'd have a smoke sometimes near the end of the day... And they knew when I had a day or two or three... And sometimes they'd turn up then with more and we'd hang out for longer. And I guess everyone just hung out and had laughs and felt good for a while. But it was opportunistic, really.

And likely the mushies that we found 1 Saturday... Was the spot where he was back to every morning for the gangs for the rest of the season... To swap it for LSD or mj or whatever else... And likely the popppies were processed more properly, too. I'm sure.

And walks we did... Just to check that periperhal trails were relatively untouched.




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