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Re: Progress!

Posted by alexandra_k on May 20, 2020, at 6:03:07

In reply to Progress!, posted by sigismund on May 19, 2020, at 3:11:57

Beanies... I think I might be thinking of an Eminem album artwork.

Meanines... Okay. Sure. Probably that... I really did think it was blue beanies. Mushrooms with beanines on. Yeah.


Nobody eats those accidentally.

I mean...

You eat field mushrooms because they might be good. They grow in airy bright fields of daisies and daffodils... They likely grow on cow-sh*t, truth be told... But, you know, once it's been all air dried and sun-steralised. Mushrooms that are... You know.. Healthy seeming. Good to eat.

You don't see mushrooms growing on rotting logs... Growing on rotting bark... Growing in swampy regions of soil... As being particularly appetising. You see them as being part of the kidneys or bowels of the ecosystem, as they are. Filtering... Metabolising... Toxic sh*t and waste that will likely make you sick.

Nobody eats mushrooms that grow in those kinds of conditions because it just seems all off the cuff like a nutitious or healthy or good idea.

Without your knowing in advance about the psychedelic effects -- I mean.

And nobody eats death caps for fun. The Canberra Governmetn used to have pictures up all over the place about deathcaps. In the botanic gardens (where magic mushies also grow). To help people differentaiate between magic mushies and death caps. It was like 'see these death caps growing in a ring around a tree because they are circling it underground before they kill it entirely'... Magic mushies don't grow like that...

To help the people see...

Nobody eats death caps because they seem like a tasty good idea, either.

The ones I'm not sure about are the large red ones with white spots on them. I heard .... Just a random rumor.. I heard... That if you scrape the white spots off them and spot them off al foil (like mj oil, you know) then you may get high.

Or... They may kill you. Don't know. Kind of curious (academically only) to be honest.




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