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Lou's response- T4

Posted by Lou Pilder on October 26, 2010, at 18:45:30 [reposted on October 28, 2010, at 14:32:34 | original URL]

In reply to Re: Lou's response-whatzghoenohn Lou Pilder, posted by Conundrum on October 25, 2010, at 18:01:09

> > Friends,
> > In relation to posts about me here, there is a part to all of this that may be unbeknownst to you. You see, it is not my intention to get people to stop their drug(s). What I am tryng to do is to save lives. I am attempting to do this by the means of education. Now I think that the more one is educated about mind-altering drugs, that they will make a more informed decision as to take them or not.
> > If you are one that wants to dispute what I post, then please do so. I have a very broad background in the history of psychotropic drugs and have a background in undergraduate chemistry. I can follow the chemical contruction of psychotropic chemicals and have an understanding that leads me to know the dangers of the chemicals to humans as to the action of the chemicals on nerve cells. I also have studied {nerve agents} and I am not permitted by a post here from Mr. Hsiung to me to post concerning the historical aspects related to those agents as to how they were devised and for what purpose.
> > Mr. Hsiung has also posted to me a threat to expel me from this community if I was to post what is the foundation of Judaism as that it has been revealed from my god to me a commandment from my god to me that I (redacted by respondent).
> > Here is an article that I think could be educational value to those that are comnsidering posting in this thread or parallel threads.
> > Lou
> > To read this article;
> > A. pull up google
> > B. Type in;
> > [Media-CCHR Australia-Citizen's Committee on Human Rights, inmates]
> > Many articles will come up and it is the first one that I see. To verify, you will see the words when pulled up;
> > "Psychiatrists Admit"
> Lou, you can just post the link in the thread like this:
> I've read the article. The article says that Nazi psychiatrists supported eugenics and carried out atrocities.
> Lou, I don't know where to begin. It is just not logical to say, that since Nazi scientists carried out and supported eugenics, that psychiatry today supports those views. At that point in history, there was a great deal of thinkers that supported eugenics, spurred by social Darwinism. This idea was not just limited to psychiatrists, but to politicians, philosophers, other medical practitioners, whoever wanted to believe in the stuff, or was taught to. It also was not limited to the Nazi's but they were the most fervent believers in a pure race. So to assume that because some psychiatrists, in a country that at the time would promote those who hated other races, in the past where such ideas were common, is that same to today, is crazy.
> Hitler would have had those he saw unfit executed whether he found psychiatrists who agreed with him or not.
> Like most sciences psychiatry has evolved. People aren't carted off to the funny farm, or having parts of their brains lopped off. Just because some crazy regime tried to use psychiatry to legitimize its insanity, doe not mean that psychiatry today, is derivative to Nazi philosophies.
> Sure there is an element of control in psychiatry. The doctor always knows best. Its annoying in a field where there is so much guess work, but to say there is a link to the 3rd Reich is absurd.
> Also you mentioned God gave you a commandment. That should be a red flag to anyone reading this, that Lou is not in a completely sane state of mind. I would hope the people here would have picked up on this by now. I don't think picking on someone with a mental disorder, despite the fact they don't see themselves as having a disorder, is the purpose of this group.

In the post that I am posting a response to, I would like for interested members to view the following video. If you could, then I think that the infomation in the video could be helpful in any response that you post here or in parallel threads.
To view this video;
A. pull up google
B. Type in;
[1. Peter Breggin MD-Psychiatry and the --The initiative-Part 1]
You will see a picture of a man at a microphone and the time is 10 min posted on March 7




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