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Re: Lou's response-whatzghoenohn

Posted by morgan miller on October 25, 2010, at 20:34:00 [reposted on October 28, 2010, at 14:32:31 | original URL]

In reply to Re: Lou's response-whatzghoenohn Conundrum, posted by 10derHeart on October 25, 2010, at 18:51:53

> "Also you mentioned God gave you a commandment. That should be a red flag to anyone reading this, that Lou is not in a completely sane state of mind."
> Says who? sigh.
> I think you've written a mostly sensible and well-intentioned post. I deeply appreciate your compassion and attitude toward Lou re: "picking on" people - I really, really do. However, I feel offended at the above comment. I am a Christian and in my faith *I* place having a very personal relationship with my God and/or Christ in front of everything else in importance in my life. This may (actually, does)include at certain times - belief that the communication is a two-way one. I have that right, just as you have the right to believe otherwise.
> I guess holding this belief makes me not sane as well? If so, I will happily join that club with Lou.
> I don't think it was necessary to express your opinion that those who may feel they are in touch with God are insane. I think it actually took some of the focus and impact away from your post. I don't think Dr. Bob supports that sort of thing here and I wish you would rephrase that.
> Thanks for listening and I hope I have been civil. I am trying very, very hard.

I was a bit surprised by what Conundrum said, still, I can see why he said it. I think there are many reasonable people out there that would think of someone as not quite being of a fully stable and sound mind if they claimed to be carrying out commandments made to them by God. Sure Jesus did this, but that was Jesus. And there are many highly educated very logical and sensible people that believe that Jesus was not a bit off his rocker. Please don't get offended by this, I'm just saying. I actually think, if everything I've heard and read about him is true, that Jesus was a great man. And I believe Lou is a good man, so this I don't believe anyone is making an assault on Lou's character. Also, I don't know a single person that is a devout Christian or Jew, that has ever said God makes commandments for them to carry out. It would be different if they said it is God's message to try to do good in the world and this is why they were motivated to do the good deeds they did. Maybe this is what Lou meant.




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