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Re: Inositol for OCD

Posted by ghuber on July 27, 2005, at 18:05:45

In reply to Inositol for OCD, posted by MoparFan91 on June 26, 2005, at 22:39:43

> My only distressing gripe now is my OCD. I have repetitive thoughts going on in my mind all the time. My mind tends to repeat the same words over and over again. When I see something or somebody or hear a song, random repetive words come into my mind. I also get into "thought loops" at times where certain thoughts stay stuck in my head and won't go away. At times, I will say the same word to myself over and over again. I get fixated on certain objects and obsess over them (like car temperature/oil gauges). I also have some compulsions. Many times, I will check stuff frequently (such as my car and my appearance in the mirror). I also will perform the same movement over and over again.
> Overall, the obsessive thoughts are so distracting that I only have an attention span of about 3 minutes. It looks like ADD, but the poor attention span in my case involves repetitive thought-loops. The obsessional thinking can cause anxiety on its own sometimes. At times, the thoughts interfere with conversations.

After reading this text, I laughed and realized we are a lot alike. I have never been diagnozed with bipolar, but sometimes I swear I have it. The celexa I'm on right now -- Well I swear it too makes me manic. For three days last week I felt real happy, wanted to shop, and do other sh*t without thinking of the repercussions. When realized on friday night I might be hypomanic, I decided to reduce the dosage of Celexa I took, and bam, by that evening I was back to reality. I've mentioned this to my Pdoc before, but he shrugs it off and says when I have it for an entire week in a row, we will talk about it... I'm starting to think I need a new pdoc!

Songs frequently get stuck in my head as well as problems or events (typically negative) I'm dealing with. I mainly suffer from mental ruminations, but rarely any compulusions. I go over things in my head like 100x, and still I do not stop thinking about whatever it is that troubles me. I am uncapable of stopping the thoughts...

If I was you I might consider loosing the Tyrosine and see how I felt. Tyrosine increases dopamine, which is shown increase obsessions. Aside from that, I would think you would want to shift the axis balance of serotonin/dopamine in favor of serotonin. This topic is something I'm investigating right now...

Have you ever tried trytophan in place of the 5HTP? I hear it's more effective, though opinions do seem to differ about the matter.

Do you take your aminos on an empty stomach and with co-factors that help convert them more readily?

I may be doing so own testing of my own on supplements again real soon. If I do, I'll let you know what works for me.




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