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healthy homes problems - the nature of the problem

Posted by alexandra_k on June 30, 2021, at 21:13:03

In reply to how f*ck*ng hard is it..., posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2021, at 17:34:52

the world health organisation recommended (on health grounds) that living spaces be heated to 20 or 21 degrees (i think that varied a bit) and that bedrooms be heated to 18 degrees. these were minimum recommendations on temperature.

the new zealand government recently altered laws. previously a source of heating was not something that landlords needed to provide to their tenants. i think they were required to provide electrical outlets. but they weren't required to supply a source of heat, at all. they also weren't required to have the property insulated. etc etc etc...

so they introduced laws whereby landlords needed to provide a heater such that...

and i'm not sure what the law says, actually.

there are... guidelines? regulations? on the size of the heatpump that is recommended to heat various sizes of living space. but the idea was to provide a source of heat that will heat the living room to 18 degrees.

that was the 'minimum standard'.

but now there is an outcry because...

apparently the recommendation on the size of the heatpump to be installed on the space makes it possible for the space to be heated to more than 18 degrees!!

oh noes the heater is too big!

so tantrums.

because the aim is only to meet the most minimal of standards. always. always forced to just scrape by with the bare minimum always and only.


f*ck*ng psychopaths.




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