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the borders are closed

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2021, at 17:27:31

there are no flights to new zealand.

except for citizens. because they can't prevent citizens 'coming home'.

they periodically... will... open flights to australia so people can get out of new zealand. apply for refugee status from australia, i suppose.

and people who bribe their way in.

i'm trying to understand how bribes work, in new zealand.

see... we aren't processing visas. we haven't been processing visas for some time.

before covid... people started speaking out that they seemed to have stopped processing visas.

students were cut off part way through degrees. not allowed back into the country to complete their qualifications.

people who were working here had their visas lapse or expire because they weren't processed in time for renewal. some people overstayed (they are saying) not because renewal was declined... but because there were processing delays on something that was supposed to be.... straightforward. notional. automatic.

apparently now they are only looking at approving people with a net wealth over whatver. or with a job in nz that pays over a certain amount.

the idea on those jobs in nz that pays over a certain amount... seems to be that you bring with you your wife or husband and your kids... and that is the one salary you will get out of new zealand. people come thinking that their partner will get work once they arrive... but that doesn't happen, anymore. there's a 'divide and conquer' sort of a... psychological... whereby they set family units against each other... choosing one to earn the living wage and forcing others to dependence. this idea of 'us vs them' 'managers vs the managed' 'owners vs slaves'.

i was reading this.... blurb about this australian fraudster... the way they describe the situation... i just... don't have that conception of life. of what life is about. of the way the world is. the world is this awful way because people choose to adopt a b*llsh*t ideology.

the story goes that she dressed above her job...
(assumption: what you wear conveys your social class) and she always thought she was better than what she was (some people are better than others). but she only did teh lowest level math and she wasn't as good as other people... she passed herself off as someone capable of managing whatever funds but she was effectively simply stealing the money...

it's about the clothes. it's about the comportment. it's about hanging in the 'right circles' of wealth and opulance. conspicuous consumption. glamor.

it's not about... growth.

nothing grows here because people are focused on...

i don't belong here.




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