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Re: psycho's future

Posted by alexandra_k on October 29, 2018, at 3:57:23

In reply to Re: psycho's future, posted by alexandra_k on October 29, 2018, at 3:48:09

and then of course the question arises:

how is co-operation possible, at all, in the face of such psychopathy??

and the answer is supposed to be:

it is in the ideology and naievety of the young.

that you can give them these idea/ls:

the idea/l that if they start from the bottom (rattling a tin for the board of directors) then they'll actually have the chance to work their way up to being on the board of directors, one day!

the idea/l that if they suck up to this person for a year then next year they'll get to have one up on / over them!

the idea/l that if they keep their head down and work hard then that will be rewarded (and the opportunity to demonstrate that working for no pay is an invaluable opportunity for them)

and so on...

all the lies we tell people so they will do what we want them to do with their happy face on...

until they realise that actually no, they were being taken for fools! hahahaaha, more fool them! now they will see they have to join us!

or maybe you make them / wait for them to have babies first. then it can all be about whether they want to raise their babies on the hills where their sh*t can roll down to the slums or whether they want to raise their babies in the slums, after all.

people seem to *want* the world to be this way.

maybe because the choices they made relied on it being that way.

maybe because *that* (both versions) were the stories they were sold... the ideology they were sold...

it wouldn't be so bad but the people then get all evangelical about that having to be the case for EVERYONE.

yes, that's right, they must continue to have power over me.


but who will help them if they get sick?


they don't want to live, particularly. i get it. trouble is... some people kinda do. often the ones they target most especially. the whole upside down and back to front thing they got going on. only treat the involuntary and so on...

my friend actually seems to think that she can buy healthcare.





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