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Re: psycho's future

Posted by alexandra_k on October 29, 2018, at 3:48:09

In reply to Re: psycho's future, posted by ert on October 27, 2018, at 13:47:27

How do you feel about book burning, Ert?

Do you think authors should be able to vanish early works, if they want, because they want to distance themself from them later?

People sometimes publish under psuedonyms. Especially when they were starting out.

Stephen King was a English Literature academic, I think, from memory. He published The Running Man and maybe others under a pseudodym because he didn't want respectable people (or whatever) knowing he was interested in such... Popularist writing.

But however many years later... And it is a *feature* rather than a vice that this, that, or the other University had the esteemed literary author Dr Stephen King on faculty...

And when you are tempted to think he's all gimmick and there isn't... Anyone there... There are such gems as his early works to return to. Before the people got to him and morphed him into... Something else...

I don't know why people get so determined to have this site torn down when there are heaps of other sites whose policies they seem to like better.

It's strange, people...

Like how Dr Bob seemed to understand Lou at least a little bit. Able to help Lou, at least a little bit. But posters simply refused to allow Lou to be... To allow Lou to be here (where Lou basically needed to be) and instead seemed determined to wreck this place for Lou so they could have it (when they, themselves, could have flourished / thrived equally in so very many places).

People are funny strange.

They way they liked to gang up on, too. People really would do that. Wind themselves up into a 'he started it' and 'we were just defending ourselves' but really it was about picking someone... Picking on someone. Someone who they thought they could.

The large group dynamic was not nice.

There were things about here that worked. That were theraputic. There is much that can be learned from here.

Not just personal reminiscence. But sometimes I find it helpful to return to things later...

For example, I've been discovering lately how there is thought to be an evolution or development in disability rights context with respect to moving from 'there's something wrong with me' to 'there's something wrong with the lack of power I have to obtain the things I need'.

Revisiting the worst times for me... And not seeing them as something screwy about me... Seeing the lack of power I had to obtain what I knew I needed.

I know now that there are people who really get their jollies from the oppression of others. I know now that there are people who think that if you can see a way to get one up over on someone else then you would be a fool for not exploiting them / taking them for everything you can get.

That's what's wrong with me.



I don't understand why you are so determined to get here torn down...

I guess it's like hiring the people they do to work public health (to inform the public). Hiring the people they do to protect consumer interest (easiest country in teh world in which to do business! Even the consumer protection people managed to start their very own business!)




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