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Re: safety Dr. Bob

Posted by alexandra_k on July 7, 2017, at 22:12:39

In reply to Re: safety, posted by Dr. Bob on July 6, 2017, at 23:11:53


Something about yellow being http so okay for viewing content, but green being more secure for password entry. So I guess yellow is what you aim for when people view the boards and green for when you request their passwords. If that was the aim, then that seems to be what things look like for me, anyway.

> > These boards were theraputic for me because I felt anonymous here. Was I never? I don't know.

> Are you not now?

I don't feel it.

Probably because of how users have changed over the years.

Seems to me that when I started posting on Babble most of the people here had internet access because of work or something like that. They were similarly concerned about their privacy. Higher education and income levels than most, I would say.

But now it seems to me that most of the people on the internet are more interested in broadcasting themselves to as many people as they can. They have internet access because of recreation / entertainment. The people with the largest presence are lower education and income levels than most, I would say.

Over time text-based, low stimulus, literacy based presence is disappearing from the internet. To be replaced by personal pokie-machines. i-cons. poke poke poke, swipe swipe swipe, ding! ding! People will spend all day doing that.

It is... Safer for the herds than getting their fingers swiped off by machines, I suppose. Copy, paste, copy paste, login, 20 second pause, copy paste, copy paste, reload. Blank stares... Ding! Ding!

Privacy... The social norm here is (starting to be? is?) that if you want privacy then you must have something to hide. You can't have privacy because if you have privacy you will ruin our houses by contaminating them with methamphetamine. Or you can't have privacy because then you will ruin other people by assaulting them. And so on. This is what they are selling us. We need for everything to be public for our own good.

Social embeddedness worries me.

I don't think it is that poor people are nastier than most people. I think it is more that poor people don't have the power to get away from the nasty people. Or... I don't think that poor people like living in their own trash more than most people. I think it is more that poor people don't have the power to get away from the people who do like living in their own trash.

If you live in a society where the people around you are all filming each other and uploading films of each other... Where people are all crying out for as much attention as they can get... Where people think that any attention is better than no attention and where they have nothing to lose...

Does embedding yourself in that community help you or harm you?

If you speak out about being abused by your partner and the response is to broadcast that around your community (for your own good somehow) then is that likely to help you or harm you? Wouldn't your community rather have you stay with them and remain as their personal punching bag? That will teach you to ask for help...

If I'm born in a sh*t hole and I live in a sh*t hole...

And then I can't get bank accounts or an education or access to books and so on and so forth because the people who have broadcasted me for their own personal gain... Because they get to victimise me and so I am now stuck as an unperson?

That's what I kind of see... That's the fear that I have...

The closing of ranks by those in power... Who fear being swamped by the masses, I get that.

The sorting process just doesn't seem to be working.

I don't feel comfortable broadcasting myself, no. Part of why I found solace in the internet was because the bullies didn't seem to have found it yet. But it's a land for them, now. They've ruined it for everyone who is not-them.

One needs to stay ahead of the curve, or something.

I don't know.

Just feeling swamped by things here. I don't know who thought I would be happy here... Or... I suppose as is usually the case someone decided to teach me some kind of lesson... Or (more likely) people just decided to give me sh*t because... They could. I mean, what was I going to do about it?

Which is, of course, why everybody just really wants to stay here instead of getting the hell away. But of course why wouldn't Australia, UK, Canada etc etc etc happily take a little something for nothing (people from here whom they didn't have to train).



> > How do I know you are really Dr Bob?

> > And... Something I wondered from very early on... Are you sure you're not a succession of registrars, or something??

> Maybe I'm a succession of different versions of me.

> Bob

Do you roll your eyes as what superior you decided to set for your subordinate self to do, tomorrow? For your own good? Mmm hmm.





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