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Re: safety Dr. Bob

Posted by alexandra_k on July 6, 2017, at 18:34:06

In reply to Re: safety, posted by Dr. Bob on July 5, 2017, at 23:51:52

> Let me know if you notice a difference.

I manually type in to get to the board.

When I click on your post I get a yellow suitcase i-con and when I request more information firefox says that the site owner hasn't provided their information, or something like that.

Are people in other countries getting this stuff, too?

When I reply it is little green suitase (which must be good - right?)

My emails are all marked with i-cons, now. And computers programs are looking more like (cr)apps every day.

I was thinking it was like how when I was in the US it seemed weird to me that you could purchase milk with certain percentages or ratios of cream to milk. So, half and half or 2 percent. We have blue top (homogenized), silver top (with a layer of cream on the top), green (trim). Or how in the US you buy minced beef with different percentages of fat content. Here there is a 'prime beef' or whatever... Basically an i-con system. So you (as a manufacturer or whatever) can degrade the quality of the product without a change in i-con so the customer won't notice unless they read and understand nutritional information (that isn't even provided on unmarinated beef).

I suppose...

Internet security. Whose interests is that in? Virus protection. I don't suppose any of that is at all concerned about protecting me.

I tried to get a computer with Ubuntu installed and couldn't seem to.

Tragedy of Commons, Dr Bob.

How bad does hospital food have to be before the people would prefer to be well / out of hospital? How bad do prisons have to get before the people would rather be 'free'?


I wonder what books I'll be allowed to buy on book depository today. I wonder when my bank might decide I'm an un-person. When my passwords don't work for me, anymore.

I wonder what informational contents the university will provide for me to learn. I wonder whether I'll be a person who keeps having internet problems such that I can't get the content to play. I wonder whether the library will get me books when I request them or whether my requests will be delayed or lost etc. I wonder what books will show up for me on searches. I wonder what version of what books will be authorised for me to view?

I do see the potential for... Just deserts. But I am fearful of the potential for things to go wrong. But then, it isn't like things weren't going wrong for a lot of people before...

These boards were theraputic for me because I felt anonymous here. Was I never? I don't know. Without that... Anyway. It is what it is, I suppose.

How do I know you are really Dr Bob?

And... Something I wondered from very early on... Are you sure you're not a succession of registrars, or something??




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