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3-post rule / antisemitism = administrative issues Lou Pilder

Posted by SLS on July 5, 2015, at 18:27:19

In reply to Lou's response-getbkindoezholz SLS, posted by Lou Pilder on July 5, 2015, at 16:03:55

You do what you do.

I portray as best I can, with an attempt at objectivity, the facts as they present themselves. I also render opinions that are clearly stated as being such, none of which are attacks on you personally. I'm sorry that you feel that way. Perhaps you can identify and list a few things I wrote that you would like me to rephrase?

Your identity is easily inferred by the presentation facts. This is a consequence of your behavior - not mine.

I am opposed to your persistence in bringing into the Medication forum administrative issues. If you don't like having Dr. Bob limit the content of your posts, take that up with him on the Administration board.

Please do not accuse others of antisemitism. That includes Dr. Bob.

As I understand it, you are breaking the 3 post rule for reasons I have previously described - whether it be the result of oversight or of cleverness. Your motives are of no relevance. This is an important issue to me, as you know. It will be the responsibility of administration to determine your adherence to this policy. I do hope that I described accurately your pattern of postings along the sequence of posts that I previously enumerated.

"...that follow a pattern wherein there are 2 undirected posts, followed by one directed post, followed again by 2 undirected posts, etc. This leaves 6 undirected posts out of 9..."

Please do not accuse me of promoting antisemitism by my critiquing your behavior. I don't care how many degrees of separation it takes for you to get there.

You do what you do - Jewish or not.

From what you write, a subset of people could determine that you are scapegoating non-Jews for your feeling antisemitism all around you. This could further lead some people to characterize Christians as being incapable of resisting a conversion to antisemitism whenever I question your adherence to the rules of this website.

See - now this is getting personal. I consider your accusing me of leading others to use you as a scapegoat and have them lash you with antisemitic language to be a personal attack on me. Since people here know that I am Jewish, a subset of these people could come to believe that you are scapegoating Jews for the antisemitism you feel.

You do what you do.

- Scott


> > From:
> >
> >
> >
> > ---------------------------------------------
> >
> > "
> > Can I post as much as I want?
> >
> > Please share this site with others by not starting more than 3 consecutive threads on the same board or posting more than 3 consecutive follow-ups in the same thread. More than that may discourage less confident posters from joining in. Giving them more of a chance makes it easier for them also to help -- and to feel good about doing so.
> >
> > There are exceptions to every rule, and those to this one may include:
> >
> > Responding to earlier posts one at a time.
> > Playing around with others at Psycho-Babble Social.
> > During meltdowns, clarifying posts many times.
> > Keeping a diary.
> > "
> >
> > ---------------------------------------------
> >
> > The interpretation of the first exception to the 3 post rule needs to be better explained. I hope the moderator makes himself available to do this.
> >
> > Along one thread, there is a series of 9 consecutive posts submitted by the same person. This behvior is problematic in that it monopolizes the board and, in my estimation, dissuades others from becoming involved in conversations or leaving the website entirely. So, how many posts can one submit consecutively if no one else posts in the interim? Theoretically, one may post many more than 9 if each post addresses an earlier sumbission and that such a response has nexus and is directed to the previous author by name in the subject line.
> >
> > Can a string of posts submitted by the same person include more than 3 posts directed to the same poster? I don't know. This is a question that only the moderator can answer, as the posting policy was constructed by him. However, I don't think that one may create a string of posts by submitting a great many that follow a pattern wherein there are 2 undirected posts, followed by one directed post, followed again by 2 undirected posts, etc. This leaves 6 undirected posts out of 9 that do not qualify as: "Responding to earlier posts one at a time." I don't see any specifiers in the 3 post policy that posting numbers should be reset each day. Maybe it should. In the meantime, I don't think that this posting behavior is supported by the rules of the website.
> >
> >
> > - Scott
> >
> > Scott,
> Please do not post anything about me that could be construed to be such that it decreases the respect regard and confidence in which I am held or induce hostile and disagreeable opinions or feelings about me.
> You wrote,[...This behavior (posting 9 consecutive posts in a thread without someone else's name after 3 posts within those 9 posts)is problematic {in that it monopolizes the board}and in my estimation {dissuades others from becoming involved in conversations or leaving the website entirely.}
> What you wrote that I could be seen as your subject person, could stigmatize me and have others use me as a scapegoat for their real or imagined ills. And since you have not posted a basis for your claims against me here, that could arouse anti-Semitic feelings here against me because I am trying to purge out the old hatred against the Jews being allowed to be seen as supportive here by not only Mr. Hsiung and his deputies of record, but by posters that are in concert with them. This requires me to post a lot to try and stop Mr. Hsiung and his followers from allowing hatred toward the Jews to be seen as supportive and worse, that in Mr. Hsiung's vision of his community in the future, it will be good to have anti-Semitic propaganda to be seen as supportive here for it will in someway improve or benefit his community for the whole of it.
> As far as any monopoly of this forum, members can post wherever they choose even though I am trying to save lives here by posting what I need to for readers to be educated as the goal of this forum states. If any one wants to stop me from educating readers by any means, they IMHHHO could be trying to stop me from educating them about what could save their lives, prevent life-ruining conditions and addictions, and trying to stop me to have the anti-Semitic propaganda here that is allowed to be seen as supportive, be thrown back into the holes that those that post such hate have slithered out of.
> Lou

Some see things as they are and ask why.
I dream of things that never were and ask why not.

- George Bernard Shaw




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