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Lou's reply-lerntuheyt » Lamdage22

Posted by Lou Pilder on March 22, 2015, at 12:57:30 [reposted on March 24, 2015, at 22:12:52 | original URL]

In reply to Re: Lou's reply to Robert-dehumanize-stigmatize-discrm, posted by Lamdage22 on March 21, 2015, at 17:20:47

> For goodnessès sake..
> How much time do you invest on "fighting the good fight" here on babble??

The amount of time will end when all of the posts here that contain antisemitic statements and statements that defame me that are able to be seen as supportive and in Mr.Hsiung's thinking will be good for this community as a whole to be seen that way, are repudiated by Mr. Hsiung as against his own rules as to not post what could lead someone to feel accused or put down or to feel that one's faith is being put down/accused or the statement is not supportive or it is insensitive to the feeling's of the subject peoples. For as one match could start a forest fire, one small anti-Semitic statement seen as civil here could spread through the internet to homes all over the world and is considered to be supportive by a psychiatrist as being seen by a subset of readers as that he validates the hate by allowing the statement to stand, for he states that support takes precedence and if it is not civil to not post it, and members are to be civil at all times. That is a powerful influence to children that could act out anti-Semitic hate maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow, but soon: for the rest of their lives. This is not an ordinary owner/operator, but an owner/operator that sits right down on the boards as a teacher. And readers can learn here. And as long as those statements remain to be seen as ratified by the owner/operator here as not being notated against his rules, children could learn to hate.




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