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Lou's reply to Scott-perpetualphlehym

Posted by Lou Pilder on April 3, 2015, at 6:23:08

In reply to Lou's reply-create/develop antisemitism SLS, posted by Lou Pilder on March 30, 2015, at 5:40:26

> > > Would you recognize antisemitism were it to appear in more recent posts? Are there any such posts?
> >
> Scott,
> Let us look here at the following partial list of how anti-Semitism is created and developed in a community. This is nothing new, but old tactics that countries/states/communities/universities/schools ect use to arouse hatred toward the Jews and create and develop anti-Semitism in a community.
> To show the intent of community leaders as to creating and developing anti-Semitism, the following partial list is how it is done. When these things are present in a community, it could be deemed to be an anti-Semitic community. Then statements that are allowed to be seen as supportive here that put down /accuse Jews, could be deemed to be anti-Semitic statements and if allowed to be seen as supportive, then that could lead to the creation and development of anti-Semitism in a community.
> Lou
You asked about posts here that could be recognized as anti-Semitic that are recent.
Now a post that is anti-Semitic could be determined as such in the ways that are in the link here above provided by me. Being anti-Semitic means that it is against the Jew. Let us look at this post:
Here the poster is allowed to post with impunity what I am not allowed to post. But it is much more than that. The rule here is that you can not post a link that has a sanction to it so I am being held to a higher standard here that the former deputy that is allowed to post what I am prohibited to post here. This can show two standards are here that I am held to but another poster is not. And Mr. Hsiung states that by him allowing that to happen, it will be good in his thinking for it to be allowed, for in his thinking that will be good for this community as a whole.
A subset of readers could think that Mr. Hsiung is showing disrespect to me as a Jew here by not intervening to allow another poster to post a link to a post here that has a {please be civil} to it by him, where I am held to not post links here that have his tagline of such to it. One of the definitions of anti-Semitism being created and developed by an administration of a community is to hold the Jewish person to rules while others are not held to the same rule. But it is much worse than that, for Mr. Hsiung leads readers to believe that he thinks by him doing that it will be good for his community as a whole.
By him doing that, a subset of readers could think that he is taunting and mocking me as a Jew here to be held to a standard that others can flaunt. For the poster admits what they are doing and a subset of readers could think that the poster dares Mr. Hsiung as stating that the poster doesn't give a flippin, to sanction the post, which he has not done. As to the post being anti-Semitic, it is the policy that could be considered to be anti-Semitic by a subset of readers that think that I am being held to a standard while others can flaunt the same standard, for the policy shows that I am being held as a Jew to a standard that others are not. This disadvantages me even to defend the Jews here, for I can not post my repudiations to the anti-Semitic propaganda being allowed here to be seen as supportive due to the prohibitions to me here by Mr. Hsiung. That can keep the flame of hatred toward the Jews burning here perpetually. That hate can enter the minds of readers here by seeing that they could break the rules with impunity while I as a Jew here am told as the post that the poster posted the link to shows, can not. Those seeking a way out of depression and addiction can not hear from my perspective here as a Jew as the link by the poster shows, and that IMHHHHHO could lead some here to their deaths by suicide or by the drugs being advocated here to kill them, for they can not be informed here by me due to the prohibitions, and then be persuaded in a direction that could lead to their deaths or the deaths of others even to commit mass-murder. You see, discrimination in the applying of rules by an administration can lead to the unequal protection of the rules to those being discriminated against. And as Jefferson penned in the Declaration, that we hold these truths self-evident that all men are created equal, that meant that laws are to protect people equally. The argument to discriminate on the basis that by discriminating it will be good for the community as a whole was used to justify slavery. And infanticide. And genocide. And segregation. And now here, anti-Semitism is being allowed to be seen as supportive, for being supportive takes precedence according to Mr. Hsiung and there are anti-Semitic statements where they are originally posted that I am asking him to remediate that they are not supportive as I have requested to him. Then readers could think that anti-Semitism is supportive in Mr. Hsiung's thinking by not having his tagline to be civil.




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