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Lou's reply- The Hsiung-Pilder discussion-gufphoar Dr. Bob

Posted by Lou Pilder on February 19, 2015, at 18:39:34

In reply to Re: The Hsiung-Pilder discussion, posted by Dr. Bob on February 19, 2015, at 0:58:40

> > > I don't consider that hate speech. But I don't consider it supportive, either.
> >
> > But readers could think that you consider it supportive on the basis that they could have read that you posted here that support takes precedence and members are to be civil at all times and that you do not wait to sanction since one match could start a forest fire.
> True, they could.
> Bob

Mr. Hsiung,
You now write that you agree that the statement in question, [...convert to be saved...], is not supportive and you are allowing it anyway. You also wrote,[...I don't consider it hate-speech..].
I now think that there is a real and present danger here by you leaving the statement to be seen as supportive as that a subset of readers could think that you and any deputy of record are validating what the statement could purport, which could lead to the deaths of Jews as either being victims of antisemitic violence or , let's say, A Jewish reader in depression feels put down that you allow a statement that could be seen as saying that Jews are inferior human beings without salvation and need to convert to be saved. This could trigger a Jewish person in depression that came here for support to feel stigmatized and unworthy of being a member here as being seen as unequal and have feelings of unworthiness and hopelessness that could lead them to kill themselves.
Another aspect of this is that those readers that already have feelings of superiority over Jews, which could mean that they consider Jews to be inferior, could feel that you and any deputy of record are validating what the statement could purport and be easily recruited by terrorists bent on killing Jews.
I am asking that you open the post in question where the statement appears initially and type right down in the post something like:
Owners' note:
Be advised that I do not consider the statement to be support but I am going to let it stand anyway because in my thinking it will be goof this community as a whole to do so. You may think otherwise based on world events being shown on television now, and you may know the history of European fascism, and you may think that the statement is against the Jews here, which is what anti-Semitism entails. If you don't like it, you can contact that ADL or some other Jewish advocacy group and I could tell them that it's my forum and I'll do what I want to, do what I want to, and I am going to continue to allow the statement to be seen as supportive here because I think it will be good for this community as a whole, good for this community as a whole, to do so.
"Dr. Bob"
Lou Pilder




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