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Lou's reply-The Hsi-Pil discussion-hate speech Dr. Bob

Posted by Lou Pilder on February 23, 2015, at 17:02:59

In reply to Re: The Hsiung-Pilder discussion, posted by Dr. Bob on February 15, 2015, at 22:45:58

Mr. Hsiung,
You claim here that the statement in question does not constitute hate speech in your thinking. I say to you that it depends on the jurisdiction that one is in when they post the statements in question that I am attempting to have you purge here or post a repudiation to. It also depends on what jurists consider to be in the definition of the terms used to decide if the speech is hate speech or not. In the U.S., the terms used are {disparaging} and {intimidating}. This means that if the speech intimidates or disparages the target person or group on , as here, religion. The speech could also apply to other entities such as ethnic origin, race, sexual orientation and such. But here in our discussion, the emphasis is on if the speech is disparaging and/or intimidation of Jews as the test if it is hate speech or not. Other countries have different tests to determine hate speech.
In France, the test is if the speech insults or defames, as in the case here, Jews. Or if the speech {incites discrimination against} or incites hatred or harm or provokes ethnic hatred..
You may not think the statements in question constitute hate-speech. But I do.
I do because I understand the meaning of {insult} and {defame} and {hatred} and what it means to {provoke} hatred. And I understand that your rules say that if you do nothing to the statement, that it is not against your rules, and until you post in your TOS/FAQ differently, I think that statement by you still means what it means and says what it says and is what it is as it can be seen. But more than that, you say that even if a statement is against your rules, you could allow it to be seen as supportive because {by allowing it to be seen as supportive, it will be good for this community as a whole in your thinking}. I understand what you mean by that, and I say that leaving anti-Semitic propaganda to be seen here as supportive, will in no wise in my thinking be good for this community as a whole. I am prohibited by you to post here what could inform readers about those that said the same thing that you have here in the annuals of European fascism. I base this in the fact that the statement has been used for the justification for slavery and infanticide and segregation and discrimination and genocide, and as I see the historical record, those that tried to persuade the members of their community that they were doing good for the community as a whole by making genocide and the others state-sponsored, got away with slavery and genocide until the people could not wait any longer to see this "good" that was promised by the leaders saying to trust them. For people to trust one that allows anti-Semitic hate propaganda to be seen as supportive, could be un informed and prohibited to know, and it's so easy to persuade the un informed. It's so easy.
Lou Pilder




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