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correction: Lou's response-pstygmah

Posted by Lou Pilder on November 12, 2013, at 6:32:19

In reply to Lou's response-pstygmah, posted by Lou Pilder on November 12, 2013, at 6:25:34

> > > As long as you include words like complicity and co-conspirator in your subject lines directed to me, and refer to inciting people to violence, causing death, anti-Semitism and beheadings in your posts relating to me and other (present or former) deputies, there is not a SNOWBALL'S CHANCE IN HADES I will respond to your "questions."
> > >
> > > Decency is a good and useful quality -- perhaps you could try it sometime. Have a wonderful day, Lou.
> >
> > Friends, deputies and Mr. Hsiung
> > If you are interested in this discussion, be advised that there are years of outstanding notifications/requests from me here. Statements that are still outstanding that I think could cause hatred toward the Jews to be fostered here because the anti-Semitic statements against the Jews are standing so that there could be a subset of readers that could think that the dehumanizing statements against the Jews are conducive to the civic harmony and welfare of this community and supportive and will be good for this community as a whole, for support takes precedence according to Mr Hsiung. But it is much more than that.
> > You see, the statements could cause a forest fire of hate, hatred toward the Jews, as long as the fire of hate is not quenched. And to Mr. Hsiung and his deputy now, and his deputies then, only you can prevent forest fires here, for I am helpless to require you to sanction the statements. And you say to me that you do what will be good for this community as a whole. I say to you, that I have never seen good come from hate.
> > Lou
> > to see some of these type in the search box:
> > [ Lou, Indok ]
> >
> Friends,
> If you want to understand how the leaders of a community could foster hatred toward the Jews and other non-Christians, the posts in {Indok} above are only a sample of how tactics used to arouse hatred toward the Jews have been used historically. By allowing those type of statements to stand, a subset of readers could think that they are supportive and will be good for this community as a whole, for Mr Hsiung and his deputies can control the content by not responding to my notifications and requests.
> The question as to how could all of the deputies also not respond to my years of notifications? I know of just a singular answer to that question and unless the deputies post otherwise, it is obvious to me why the deputies also di not respond to my years of notifications, notifications that I think if were replied to, any harm toward Jews and others that could come from those statements seen by anyone as supportive, could be prevented.
> But it is much more than that. Mr Hsiung has posted why he did not respond to my notifications. He says that by him not responding, that others could be influenced to also not respond to me. And that, then, according to Mr Hsiung's TOS, will be good for this community as a whole, for he says that in his thinking that what he does, or I guess what he doesn't do, will be good for this community as a whole. Really? I have never seen that using any tactic to be indifferent to another to bring forth good fruit. I have only seen that tactic to bring forth hatred toward the targeted person, for the tactic could stigmatize the person that the leader is deliberatly not responding to. This stigmatization has historical parallels that Mr Hsiung has posted prohibitions to me here that prevent me from educating readers from a Jewish perspective about that. And you that say that this is not so? Then read here.I will not allow a Badge of Shame to be put on me by anyone, nor will I allow anyone here to do so to another.
> Lou

To see the post in question as to that Mr Hsiung is using a tactic to influence readers here to not respond tome,
go to the search box here and type in:
[ admin, 1050362 ]




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