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Re: Equivocal, Obscure, Criptic... Dr. Bob

Posted by jade k on July 10, 2010, at 0:29:25

In reply to Re: spidey sense, posted by Dr. Bob on July 9, 2010, at 14:02:49

EQUIVOCAL applies to language left open to differing interpretations with the intention of deceiving or evading

not clearly seen or easily distinguished, nor readily understood or clearly expressed
It implies a hiding or veiling of meaning through some inadequacy of expression or withholding of full knowledge.

CRIPTIC implies a purposely concealed meaning

AMBIGUOUS applies to language capable of more than one interpretation

"I'm glad you can see it now as humor. Maybe I should've included a smiley when I posted." Dr. Bob

"Or, YOU could defend and explain YOUR humor, lol haha, :-)

Can I just take a stab at this, Dr. Bob, since we're just jokin around? :-)

I believe you never had any intention to have us "rate" each others posts. It would destroy babble (pretty sure you know that, of course thats my opinion only):-)

You knew there would be "much ado" about your post, yet you did it and disappeared.:-)

Further, I suggest you knew there would be a long thread about "Lake Wobeher". In fact, you had that material ready, word for word (sorta). So, the only mystery left (for me) is why? :-)

Hmm...personally, I'm kinda indifferent to the probably others are too. Its kinda like when you referred to us as "this herd". Now you had to know THAT wasn't gonna fly :-)

So what we have here, is a failure to communicate:-)

First, you (try to) provoke us, then you let us carry on for a while. Next, you let someone else explain it away, and wait/watch. For what, I wonder? :-)

Babbler bonding? A common enemy? Draw posters and lurkers to Admin? (but why...) An experiment? No, too long running for that :-)

Okay, I'm stumped for the night. No worries, Doc Bob, I'm not a weak woman, me and my peeps will be on it tomorrow like white on rice! :-)

And all this is just humor, right? k? good :-)

Have a good night Dr. Bob :-)

:-) Jade




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