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Re: My view

Posted by Dr. Bob on February 17, 2004, at 10:03:36

In reply to My view, posted by mair on February 14, 2004, at 13:41:36

> Bob made those of us who qualified for both, choose one. I chose the 2001 Board

If you'd like to switch, I suppose you're still "qualified"...

> My recollection is that many of the people who use that Board, asked Bob to form it; I don't remember it as an idea first proposed by him

I think I probably did suggest it first:

> the presence of very clear qualifications probably helped cut down on the hurt feelings that go along with any selection process

I agree, but what I'm considering now is clear qualifications rather than any selection process...

> It tough sometimes to see someone you care about hurting, when you have no way of reaching out to them.

I can see that. But on your end, you could post something on an open board and ask that it be relayed to them. And on their end, at least they're getting support there. Would it be better if they were hurting, but you couldn't see?

> The potential is that it will be yet another time when valued posters feel that Bob isn't listening to them or doesn't care what they say.

Just because I make a decision someone doesn't agree with doesn't mean I haven't listened to them or cared about what they said.

And there's potential for good outcomes, too...

> I wish he could see that the impact of his style of communicating can be far more damaging than some isolated lapse of civility.

Hmm, could you elaborate?

> All of these emotionally charged administrative discussions detract from what should be the primary goal of the site. The more time people spend discussing administration, the less time they have to offer support to the people who need it.

I agree. It's come up before, what the group dynamics might be, and how we might learn from that. A couple examples:

> Yahoo offers any number of ways for small selective groups to form and function. Why create those groups in the context of a public board which has a very fluid membership?

It may solidify the membership to some extent?

People are always free to create their own Yahoo groups, and to be independent, but if someone doesn't feel connected to others, I'm not sure how likely that would be to help.

Also, people may be more likely to try an open board here if they get comfortable on a smaller board first.

> PS: I draw a distinction between the meds board and most of the others. I think there is a pretty large group of people on that board who never venture elsewhere, and I think there are many, like me, who rarely go there. So maybe we're really 2 towns.

I agree, there are definitely differences between the boards besides subject matter...





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